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A few highlights:

1) My prints were chosen for the rennovation of the Hilton Millenium Hotel which was refurbished after WTC (600 rooms) - Wall Street.

2) A limited edition book of photographs published by CLAL (none left).

3) Featured in the first issue of Inked Magazine which is for collectors of black and white photography.

4) Several CD covers; book covers. But most importantly, hundreds of satisfied customers.

This page isn't updated that often since it is getting out-of-hand.

When you purchase a print, you are not only getting something that will hopefully give you years of pleasure, you are also allowing the photographer (me) to continue making new images. You are, in this way, as important as all the creativity and techniques in the life of the artist. And for that, I truly thank you.

You can also see brief feedback from eBay customers at eBay feedback

Hey Dave -
Received my prints today and they are spectacular...thanks so much.
K. 2005


Mr. Beckerman,

Just wanted to let you know - I have four of your prints on my walls and everyone that comes over comments about how much they like them...

R.J. - Houston 2005


Fantastic! Period.

M.M. 2005


We received the book and note card plus also your holiday card just today. You're very generous. Thanks so much! Many family members and friends were in our home over Thanksgiving and were truly in awe of your photos (those we have framed and also those in the book). Thanks again...

C & J [Nov. 2003)

Received my print yesterday (The Oldest Hallway). Stunning as usual. It will look great in my den. Photographs of indoor interiors using natural light have always been a favorite. There is something very special about the place to me. Feels like home -- no matter who's home it really is. I think your image really captures that feeling. And to have the number
one print -- that is special. [J.P. Nov. 2003]

I got the prints last night. They are astonishingly beautiful as always.
Thanks. I am framing the Window this weekend. It has to go up on the wall ASAP. I will be back for more (I already have my eyes on the Night Storm). (Window of the Met) V.N. 2003

Hi Dave,

We received the photographs on Tuesday and we LOVE them. They are so classy and beautiful--even better than I thought they'd be. Now comes the challenge of finding the right frames. . .

Thanks so much. I'll look forward to seeing your future work. (Prints included Bike, Central Park) - S.C. 2003

Wow! All I can say is that I will be back - or was that Arnold's line :) [Night Storm] - R.J. 2003

Well, I wouldn't say I'm a "collector" or anything remotely resembling that status. I just love your work. You have a great photographic eye and all your prints are very high quality at reasonable prices. In addition, you offer great customer service, speedy and efficient delivery (I don't know anyone who can package prints better than you!), and a money-back guarantee. What more could you ask for? (p.s. you can quote me on that too or use me a reference)

"You're absolutely right about the packaging. You have it down to a science! Many of my friends commented about how beautiful your pictures are -- even the people at the frame store commented about them!!" M. C. 2003 [Several prints including Turtle Pond]

Hello Dave,

This past Saturday I finally got the chance to go and see the photographs of Dorothea Lange at the Paul Getty museum. So, basically the day started on a photographic foot. But, the highlight of the day was not until I came home and found the package at our doorstep. I don’t know for how long I was sitting in front of the print of your Promenade and admiring the quality of the print both aesthetically and technically. I also loved the card. Thanks for cutting me a deal. I’ll be back for more of your prints. " V. 02/2002

Hi Dave,
This week at work has been tediously slow, so when the print [Man and Woman Subway] arrived yesterday, it was a welcome sight. I brought it home and already have it framed, ready to hang. Very impressed with the tones. Especially the metal wall of the subway car. You mentioned before the difference in the blacks from RC paper, now I can really see that. Also, I don't like RC glossy at all, but the Fiber glossy seems to really give the print some depth. Thanks for making my day at work!!! -- Paul. 02/2002

Mornin' Dave. Just wanted to let you know I received my copy of "Promenade" Friday afternoon. It arrived without so much as a scuff mark on the mailer. Great packaging! When I got inside and opened it all I could say was "WOW". The detail in "Promenade" is wonderful. Everything is sharp--from front to back. The luminosity takes my breath away. There is an incredible three dimensional feeling with this image. I can imagine I'm actually walking down the path. So very real. It's the kind of piece you need to take a step back from in order to take it all in--and then walk right up again to review some fine detail. Superb Dave. Any other size would take so much away from an image like this. Actually worth twice the price. I got more than my moneys worth. I have other collectibles but "Promenade" is my most prized! -- J.P. 11/25/02

Just got back from a trip and saw the prints. Outstanding! Absolutely love your stuff. Thanks again. [Tree and Sprinkler and The Road Ahead] K. 10-10-02

Hello Dave! My friends just sent me one of your prints for my birthday! Quite funny actually - because they are the couple from Bermuda that showed up at your apartment in early August, thinking you had a gallery. You had actually mentioned their visit in your journals at that time but I had no idea it was them! They were looking for some art for their home and I had told them about your work and told them to check out your web-site. Didn't know they were going to stop by for a visit!?!! They bought 'Equitable and Flat Iron' for me, it just arrived from Bermuda and I absolutely love it! Its just stunning! The images on your web-site are great but the actual print is tremendous. Thanks for the inspiration! Taker easy! J. J. 10-09-02

Print arrived safe and sound (Flat Iron & Tree). Thank you. While your web site displays images as well as any other sites I've seen, it really does not do justice to the original. I am very pleased. I will follow your suggestions for framing and I am looking forward to displaying it at home. Again, Thanks!

[H. G. 9-25-02]

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my ordering of "Promenade." With your help, I was able to get it framed and up on the wall just in time for my 30th birthday party. Everyone absolutely loved your work and I've already sent your link to many friends.

[A. J. 9-20-02]


I wanted to let you know how amazing "Promenade" is. I am so protective of it I found myself interviewing and doing background checks on frame shops to find one that I could trust with this print. I love it!!! [T.S. 9-11-02]

Just thought I'd let you know that I recieved the print and it looks great. Its being framed right now. Everyone who's seen it thus far thinks it is an amazing photograph. It truly is. I wish you continued success. [Promenade, the undisputed, number one seller 7/22/02]. Regards, B. R.

Hi Dave..

I received promenade just a few days ago and it is absolutley stunning. I thought it was beautiful on the computer, but it is even more so in person. I took it to a local gallery today to have it matted more and framed. I can't wait until their finished so I can hang it up.

I'll definitely be back to purchase some more as soon as I save up.

thanks again...

j. c. 7/18/02

Mr. Beckerman,

I received the two prints that I ordered - Night Bus and Triboro Bridge. I would like to thank you for the exceptional photographs and the extremely high quality of the prints. Both look excellent matted. It was a pleasure doing business with you, thank you.

J. S. [7-15-02]

I received the photo (Atlantic Beach - 14 x 14) today. It is BEAUTIFUL! So wonderfully matted. I can't wait to get it framed and up on the wall. Thank you so much. Best of luck to you. [6-13-02]

They’re here and they’re more beautiful than I’d imagined. Can’t wait to frame them and get them up on the wall. [Equitable and Flat Iron, Looking Down, Paradise Theatre. 6/15/02]

Gratefully, B.


I picked "Promenade" up from the frame shop today. It looks wonderful -- thank you! After a few disappointments, I vowed that I would not buy photography online again, but you did not disappoint. I am off to find a deserving wall. Thanks again. [L.W. 4-28-02]

Hi Dave,

I received my print (Promenade 16 x 20) yesterday. And I have to tell you that I am in awe. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for also including "Girl with ball". That was a very nice surprise as it is also one of my favorites.

I think your packaging is also great. Having had to mail framed photos myself, I understand the hassle. The inner envelope is a nice touch. Not one bend or crease.

And I also have to thank you for sharing your experiences in your journal. You have given me some helpful photo hints, as well as keep me entertained in my cube when I don't think I can stand it much longer. I congratulate you on getting out and doing what you love.

Take care, [C.L. 3/8/02]

Hi Dave,

'Night Storm' has just arrived in perfect condition and it is a beautiful print... I'm very pleased. I'm looking forward to receiving the 4 other images (hopefully) tomorrow and will post feedback then. (By the way, your matting, packaging and service were impeccable.)


The print arrived today [The Road Ahead] and it looks AWESOME. Thanks much. It's been great doing business with you. I'll come back for more when I'm no longer a poor law student. [M.J. 2/26/02]

FedEx delivered my "Promenade" print yesterday, so I had a great evening last night admiring it! It made it in perfect shape and looks fantastic! AND...your generosity in including the "Benches" print is incredibly nice and greatly appreciated! It was on my list to buy at a future date! That means I'll have to add another print to my future list...and I'll have to figure out a way to return the sentiment! [W.S. 2/20/02]


Just wanted to let you know that I love the print. The depth of field is wonderful. Each time I look at "Promenade," [11 x 14] I feel like I see something new in it. As I said, I bought this as a gift, so I'll probably be ordering another for myself!

I was very happy with your prompt service, and I have been recommending you to others. It's neat that you can conduct such a business due to the Internet. [S.B. 2/12/02]

my daughter received the picture and is absolutely in heaven! [Hug, Paris] she admires your work so much and said this will be her first picture she hangs in her new apartment...thank you again,

(P.S. 2/9/02)

I got the photo yesterday [Night Storm 11 x 14], it is amazing. I can't wait to give it to her tonight, I definitely cannot wait until next weekend! Thanks so much for sending it so quickly, I really appreciate it.

(B.B. 2/9/02)

Hi Dave

Just wanted to let you know that I received your photo today (Promenade). I can't begin to tell you how much I love the picture. It is fabulous. It was better than I had expected. I can't wait to frame it and hang it. I'll definetly let you know what the feed back is from everybody who sees it. (S.H. 1/23/02)


Thanks a lot for the speedy response during the holiday season. I gave my mother 3 prints as her present this year and she was very delighted! Keep up the Great work!

Good luck in the new year & I will be seeing you on the net.

Sincerely, [J.M. 1/9/02]


I received the prints yesterday. They look incredible. The quality is excellent. Thank you very much for the extra print. I will be ordering more as I get acclimated into my new condo. Thanks again. [B K. 1-9-02]


I just wanted to drop you an email as a formal "thank you". The pictures arrived safely and they are absolutely gorgeous. As a reminder, I purchased "Promenade", "Flat Tire" & "Night Bus".

Before ordering my pictures, I read some of the comments made by the other purchasers of your work. I noticed that the one thing common to almost all of the comments concerned the detail of the actual print compared to the scanned image on your website. Now I thought, "ok*. there's probably a little detail missing, but it wouldn't be that big of difference". I couldn't have been more wrong.

When I opened my prints the quality of the print as well as the amount of detail in the photographs literally took my breath away. The never-ending shades of gray and the spectrum of light and textures made me realize that I had never really viewed your work before.

I want everyone who may be considering a purchase to know that your work is of the highest quality. I want them to know that they should take the scanned image that they see on the web and increase what they see in detail and quality by ten fold.
Truly magnificent!

Again, thank you so much for capturing these objects and moments of beauty and sharing them rest of us. You are a true craftsman! (12/27/01, M. B.)

I've been meaning to send you an email, letting you know how much I love the print of Central Park. It is ten times more wonderful than I thought it would be. (J.S. 12/23/01)

I received your print today [Promenade 16 x 20] and wanted to thank you for ultra fast shipping. I really like the print, It has great detail, I love the look of a conventional print. I'm commercial photographer and have been working digitally lately, I miss the look of a darkroom print from a large format! Your photography skills and darkroom work are exceptionally good. Thank you very much and I'm sure you will see another order from me in the future. (D.H. 12/21/01)

Dave- I receieved the print of "Promenade" and let me just say that it is great, and you are right, the images online do not do justice to the actual prints. The packaging was great, and since I have been looking over some of your journals, I thought that I would let you know that none of the corners were bent, and everything looks great. Thank you again for taking care of
my order, especially at this busy time of year. (A.C.)

"Photographs arrived yesterday!! Also had delivery of the frames from Nielsen (profile 73 which is quite deep). We both loved the the prints which more than met our expectations. Obviously the internet does not begin to do them justice with a lot of the detail being lost. Am very happy with the size as well." I.

just to let you know that we have hung 25 of the framed photos and we are extremely happy with the results. Am not sure that a photo will do justice but we will take a couple when we get back from our hols at the beginning of December. I.

Dave, I received my signed and numbered 11x14 print of the "Benches"
I purchased this after buying the 8x10 edition. I must admit that this was the easiest transaction I have ever made on Ebay. Got the high bid, filled out the necessary information for payment and it was in the mail the next day. I received it 2 days later in excellent condition. I'm very proud to display this on my den wall. Great work Dave! Thanks! J.P.

"I wanted to let you know that I have received the beautiful print. You packaged it very well. [The 11 x 14 of Promenade.] Also, for encouragement and affirmation, my husband saw it and asked if it was an Ansel Adams picture... wonderful photography, Thank You again." Best Regards, L.


We received the prints in perfect condition. My wife and I both agree the internet photos do not come close to capturing the true essence of your photos. We look forward to purchasing more in the future. Will be in contact soon. Thanks and good luck.


I received the prints today and am very, very pleased with them. It’s not all that easy to get a good night shot with detail, especially one with snow in it — but you did it. [night storm]
Packaging was great, no dinged corners. I hesitate to offer unsolicited comments, but if I may, I would like to say something about the limited editions. If you get a really hot shot, why don’t you limit the edition to 25 prints. Then, if it sells out and someone buys a print from an original buyer at a higher price than you sold it, and this can be documented, you have gone from selling photographs to selling investments. I realize the odds may be a bit high, but I certainly think they are much better than lottery odds.
My 2¢ worth. Again, many thanks. I left two positive feedbacks [on EBay]. Much success in the future. M.

Hi Dave - Just wanted to let you know I received the photos this afternoon [Promenade and Equitable and Flat Iron] and they are absolutely beautiful, I cannot wait to see them framed and displayed. Thank you again for your help...The packaging was great, they arrived in perfect condition.

Best Regards,

From M. [promenade, the big one]

As for me, I normally pull up into the garage, go in the house, and then open the front door to get my mail! Tonite, I pulled in the garage and ran around to the front door to see if FedEx had made a delivery! And there it was! You are right, there is no comparison seeing it on the web v. real life. I love it, I absolutely love it! But, sincerely, it is purely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you. I'm so glad I bought it! It will truly be my inspiration.


Just wanted to let you know I received my 16 x 20 print of Promenade. Fed Ex had some trouble finding my house so it was a little delayed. It was surprisingly in perfect condition. and I know how things can get damaged. The print is gorgeous. I took it to get framed and everyone commented on how great it was, and asked a lot of questions. I can't wait to get it back and hang it on my wall. Thanks and good luck.

[Another photographer and I were discussing inkjet technology vs. the old fashioned darkroom, and we exchanged prints. I sent him among other things Steps of Met]

Got your prints today. The steps of the met print is amazing. The black is just so, BLACK! It's like there's a life and a texture in the black areas of the print, whereas in an inkjet, the black areas are very dull and flat. The
picture itself is fantastic as well. Thanks for sending it.

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