Black and White Photography Screensavers (totally free)

These free black and white photography screensavers are created with a professional screensaver product, and will allow you to control about 50 different effects. Enjoy!


Right Click Here to download download the screensaver: Dave2003.exe

Mostly new photographs, but a few old ones as well:

Central Park Reflection, Central Park Benches, Chessboard in Rain, City Clouds Sky, Curb and Puddle, Flat Iron and Tree, Fountain, Kid In Sprinkler, Leaf on Ledge, Looking South, Lost Music, Metropolitan Reflection, Museum of Natural History Reflection, Oily Mermaids, On Your Mark, Paradise Theatre, Schurz Walkway, Imagine Mosaic, The Road Ahead

File size 2.9 MB


Click Here to download the screensaver: 2001.exe

This free screensaver contains 20 images all taken in 2001.

Images included are: City Clouds, Empire State, Flat Tire, Kiss Through Bars, Both Sewer Shots, Pigeons, Man With Sink, Newspaper Reader and a few more.

File size: 1.60 MB

Dave's Favorites

Click Here to download the screensaver: DavesFaves.exe

This free screensaver contains 25 images.

Images included are: Hug, Benches, Card Players, Curb, Door Handle, Exit Feet, FDR Tunnel, Girl with Ball, Girl on Bike, Looking at Pictures, Man in Corner, Marsh, Mermaid Subway, Night Bus, Night Chess, Night Storm, Paris Clock, Paris Wedding, San Fran Beach, Subway Car Empty, Subway Train Overview, Trees Silhouette, Triborough Bridge, Atlantic Ctiy Beach, and Into the Light.

File size: 1,370 KB


Click here to download the screensaver: DavesScenics.exe

This free screensaver Includes: Atlantic Beach, Auto Graveyard, Benches, Bike, FDR At Night, Grand Central, Praire, Trees Silhouette, Subway Train Overview and Promenade

File size: 901 KB

Audience Favorites #1

Click here to download the screensaver:

I don't remember what this includes - take a chance!

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