Black and White Photography links (mostly) One of the best photo blogs around. Period. By R. Gardiner
Divine Reflections New Photography Blog by Greg Coates
Amy Burchenal A new black and white photography site by Amy Burchenal. She has a good eye. Take a look at the collages. Similar to what I was doing at one point.
Urban Photos New York street photography in black and white by Matt Weber.Night, grit, and life in the asphalt lane.
Farm Security Administration Photography Farm Security Administration Photographry Collection : From the Great Depression.
SteveR's Photography Blog Unlike me, Steve has so far been able to keep his photography blog about photography.
Stephen Voss Photography Travel, Documentary; all sorts of interesting photography. Good European black and white photography by Richard Vanek, and a daybook as well. Take a look.
Bill Beautiful black and white photography. A new meeting place for photographers; worth a look.
Bob Keefer Photography Keefer Photography: Hand-colored black and white photographs by Oregon photographer Bob Keefer. (Includes Daybooks)
Ordinary Days Ordinary Days - Some Black and White images picked-up here and there
Maria Soto Photography Maria is another of the many wonderful friends and photographers that I have met on the web.
Ralph Ballerstadt If you like black and white street photography, don't miss this one. Very prolific.
Time Freeze Photos Vintage historical photography. "These forgotten moments come back to life in my darkroom. It is always a thrill for me to see a print appear in the developing tray, knowing that it has not been seen for many years." -- John Cline
Bill Emory

Perhaps, because it pretends not to be important, there's some really important black and white photography on this site. Black and white photography of Paul Politis. People, still lifes, night photography. In addition to interesting photography, the site itself is well done (imho).
Dan Massey Various black and white resources and photography. Visual Arts Resource for all artists interested in Selling Fine Art.
Technical References and Galleries
Photo.Net - Developing Film If you want to ask a question such as: what is the best black and white film for portraits and what should I develop it in, and get ten different answers, this is the place to go., original fine art online Wide variety of original fine art for sale. Personalized art consulting services. Mediums include; paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, mixed media and more..
PhotoLinks Photography Directory Huge collection of Black and White Photography Links and a lot of Black and White work.
Photodo Great site for technical info on lenses (MTF charts etc.). MTF charts and specs on most cameras.


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