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Central Park Portrait

All orders are shipped via Fedex. Yes, I ship overseas.

"Dave, the book (Central Park Portrait) arrived yesterday. It’s terrfic and more than I’d hoped for. I toyed with sending an email but figured this would give me the chance to speak to anyone ELSE who’s looking in and might need a nudge. Buy the book! Dave really IS all but giving it away and if you’ve liked his photos here, you really need to see them on the page, in your lap and at your leisure. Do it — you won’t be sorry." - Gary 2008


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Hardcover 11.5 x 15 inches

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Taupe colored linen cover. This is the Deluxe Version. Heavy paper. And big. Makes a tremendous gift for anyone who loves my photographs of Central Park.

Cost: $124.95

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All black and white photography in the book is copyright Dave Beckerman Photography.