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11/3/2004:  rosebabygirl142003
I like this site but I could not find an Autobiography/ Bio on your life. Your photography is wonderful I admire your intrests.

11/3/2004:  rosebabygirl142003
I like this site but I could not find an Autobiography/ Bio on your life. Your photography is wonderful I admire your intrests.

I happened upon your site through a search for black and white photography. Just Beautiful! I am looking to frame some black and photographs for our living room, and am wondering what grouping of pictures you would recommend. We do not really want people in the pictures, and are interested in architecture and landscapes. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks. Marijo Bloecker

First visit to your website - very impressive. Has definately pushed me into continuing my own photgraphy. Visiting NY in January so may get some good shots of my own.

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I visit your site at least once a week, Dave. Beautiful work, indeed. A few weeks ago, I bought an HP7960 because the price dropped to where I couldn't resist. It is my first photo printer, and I primarily wanted it for its b/w capability. I'm wondering if you bother spraying your Premium Plus paper with anything to protect them. As you might have noticed, the PP stuff is extremely sensitive to the tiniest bit of water, and will shed its top layer immediately. I'd also love to read the details of how you print with the HP7960, such as whether or not you print borderless, and if you do, do you do any cropping adjustments to make up for the adjustments that the printer makes to go past the edge, etc. Keep up the good work, Dave, and thanks for the feedback on the HP. I'm glad I bought it. Larry

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Hi Dave, I bought some prints from you awhile back and I regularly visit your website to admire your new prints. There used to be a section which had "recent black and white photography" which I loved. However, I can't see it on the site anymore, which is a real shame as this is where I bought my photos from. Still love your photographs though! Thanks, Carlie Morris

Mr.Beckerman your black and white images are so outstanding. they breathe life into the emptiest of landscapes and are truly beautiful. Your photographs show so much life. i love photography and seeing them inspire me to continue with my own photography.

what a wonderful shot of the Bronx pictures were fabulous. just online looking for information on Woodlawn. my wife tho is a photography teacher but i feel she could learn a thing or two from you thank you for your work the room was very small then still is you however are not. a new fan in bandera tx r&c vandyke

I am currently doing a higher in collage on photography. I must say that i find your work to be a huge inspiration, and i wondered if you would mind me using examples of your pictures as part of my research project? I would be coping the pictures and making a presentation on a computer. Normally i would just copy pictures and use them, but i really feel that your photographs are so wonderful that i have to ask for you're permission to use them for my own work. Thank you for your time, Lauren Porteous

I really really really enjoy your work, Mr. Beckerman! Takes me back to a time and feeling I cannot quite put my finger on. And it is inspiring! Tobias B. -

hah I just wrote to you, but I forgot to add to something that I wanted to say. You should have shoot all based on hands. I think that hands tell what kind of life you have lived and just so interesting. Kinda like looking at the rings on a tree. Hands are so simple but they speak so much about a person. ha its just an idea that would be awesome if you did that. Later

Your work is unbelievable! Everytime I look at your photographs the leave me speechless. For an art display, some of your pictures inspired an istallation theme of mine. The theme was the essence of life, and thats exactly what your photographs capture. You are awesome..God has blessed you! Stay awesome dude!

how do you reconcile the fact that you say you can always tell the difference between a digital BW print and a traditional BW print with the fact that you are now basically abandoning traditional photography? Robert

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