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86th Street Sta. Halloween

I spent an hour shooting the halloweeners around the 86th street Lex. station.  As you see, it isn’t necessary to pay for the subway on Halloween.

And finish eating your banana before entering the subway system.

Service Changes

Laugh clown - laugh!


The vampire had a lot of trouble swiping his card.  Maybe it had expired.

He said to me, I’m shy!  Can’t you see how shy I am! 

Uh, honey… you’re posing for this guy… why?

My mother used to tell me - don’t run for the train.  There’ll always be another one.  Maybe.

Couple and Compass

Digicam Light

While I was photographing the band near Grand Central tunnel that leads to the shuttle, I found the usual number of people grabbing shots in near darkness.  You might remember, I’ve been trying to catch people lit by their modern (or maybe contemporary) devices.  This was a good spot for it, and whenever I’m there I keep an eye out for what seems to me to be the modern equivalent of shooting by one candle.

Turnstile Swipe 2

I’ve been selected by the MoMO to do an exhibit on Subway Metrocard swiping techniques.  Only four thousand more instances to post.  (MoMA = Museum of My Art).

And that’s me in the upper right hand corner in yellow parka.  Like Alfred Hitchcock, I try to make a guest appearance in as many shots as I can.  Next, I’ll be wheeling a cello through the scene.

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