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34th Street Glare

4 a.m. Pickup, 2008

Accidental Picture

Oh my. This doesn’t look too promising for someone. The Bronx, 1992

These wordpress themes are built on a framework called, BlueprintCss, and in order for me to make changes to the column layout so that my images won’t be resized, I need to figure out how this thing works…. There’s a grid that’s setup, and a bunch of css commands… I sort of see how it works, but I’m going to need to figure it out so that I can get my two columns back without squeezing the 650 px images to fit the first column…

So for now I’ve set it to a one column layout.

I’m actually glad I applied the theme to this blog, because now I see I have the same issues (same theme) in the store section. It’s not terrible, but the images are being resized from 650px to 580px and that’s giving the slightly pixilated effect. Once I figure out the blueprint thingy - it will be sort of cool because I’ll be able to easily create any number of columns, and boxes. Funny how one thing leads to another… I think.

I have to admit - I always thought when I looked at older people that there was a time when you stopped learning new things. But frankly - that hasn’t happened to me yet. I think it’s why I always had a problem staying at jobs for more than a year or so. Can you imagine - I once had a job moving papers from one bin to another? Well, there was a little bit more to it than that - but not much. I think I spent most of my life trying to figure out how to get out of my day job.


I had an hour or two to kill after printing most of the day, and decided to head down to St. Patricks to shoot the interior with the infrared flash.  As I got off the R train, first thing I noticed was a good angle on the Central Park Lake which I hadn’t shot before.  But then headed on and there were the breakdancers that I had shot several times before - but always in the subway.  You know me - I love street performers.  Never did make it to the church.

These guys always put on a good show.  Not just in terms of the gymnastics, but how they relate to the crowd.

The lead guy, usually does his thing to Billy Jean as Jackson, and he’s very good at it.  But the acrobats, working on sidewalks without mats - the crowd loves them.

Yes, this last one is some form of levitation; which reminds me of a religious painting by Dali.