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Two Bridges, Night

12 July, 2008 (21:29) | 3 comments

twobridges-0407 Two Bridges, Night

70-300mm @ 300mm f5.6, 1/2 sec. asa 800

Always been a tricky shot because the Queensboro Bridge sways a lot so you can’t do too long an exposure; and DOF not quite enough to cover the background bridge; but I might try it again at 1600 and f8.  For sure, the IS on the lens was helpful compared to when I did this with a non-IS lens a few years ago.

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FDR Night

9 July, 2008 (08:53) | No comments

fdr-night-2895 FDR Night

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59th Street Bridge - Sepia

26 June, 2008 (11:21) | 2 comments

59thstreetbridge0384 59th Street Bridge - Sepia

Whenever I get a new camera - I like to go out and do the 59th street bridge. So I’ve had the 40D for a while but got around to it tonight with the 70-300. I was also curious to see how IS would work with this shot which has given me trouble before. Worked like a charm. I even liked the fact that the padded drapes are on the bridge for whatever maintenance they’re doing. Seem to give it more character than it usually has.

For those who don’t know New York - that’s Roosevelt Island on the left - and the view is looking downtown towards the other bridges.

Anyway - I waited for about 45 minutes for those clouds to drop down into frame.
Here are those pesky details: ISO 800, 70mm, f11, 0.7 secs, mirror-lockup, and I covered the eyepiece. Eric reminded me the other day to cover the eyepiece so that stray light doesn’t bounce around during the shot and I have found that if nothing else, if you don’t cover the eyepiece and there’s a strong light behind you, it will effect the metering.

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