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A Walk in the Park

Central Park - behind Alice in Wonderland (you can just make it out, upper left corner).

Basketball Hoop

Canon a640 with R72 filter. Schurz Park. These look promising. On a bright sunlit day, you can see what you’re shooting pretty well with the r72 filter in place (held in place with the lensmate or Canon’s filter holder) - and you can get a pretty good idea of what the effect will be, though it’s mostly purple looking. The one issue is that since the thing is blocking out so much visible light - almost all exposures for daylight are in the one second / f2.8 range. Still, as I say - not bad for a poor man’s IR.

Bethesda Fountain - Color Infrared

This was shot with the 72 IR filter; and with post processing in Lightroom. I discovered that one thing that really slowed up the brush in Lightroom was using the wacom pen. I suspect that it is just reading all the movements, even when it isn’t on the tablet. It was easier to use the brush mask tool with the good old mouse.

I’m afeared you’re in for more infrared stuff for a while - the LifePixel converted XT should arrive this Weds.

Bethesda Passage - Ceiling



Dawn. Sigma 30mm @ F1.4