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Shadows on Fifth (3 image montage)

27 June, 2008 (18:31) | No comments

shadowsonfifth2517 Shadows on Fifth (3 image montage)

Finished getting 25 prints out today. I get to go out tonight. The wordpress blog (this one) is working better (fingers crossed) than on the previous server. So far it is faster, and I’ve had less problems. One thing that helps is that I can always have the latest WP version (whenever they put out a new release) which I couldn’t do with the previous ISP.

One issue I had on previous server was that sometimes when I was editing something in Wordpress - my copy of Dreamweaver would load up.  I thought that somewhere on my local machine it was because of an association between DW and PHP but I couldn’t find that association.  But it hasn’t happened (yet) since I moved to the new server.  My programming knowledge has lapsed since I got out of programming - so maybe there’s was something on the Windows 2K server that was doing it.  Whatever - it was a real PITA.