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Gracie Mansion - Infrared

8 August, 2008 (12:37) | 1 comment

gracie-mansion-2909 Gracie Mansion - Infrared

One odd thing. I did this shot with the file set to save as RAW and JPG and the color temp. came out properly. (This was then swapped with red for blue channels). But everything that I shot when the file was saved this way, RAW plus jpg came out properly, i.e. the RAW temperature was correct.

Now, is this something new in LR2, or is it just that the jpg helps set the color temp. properly. Not sure.

I re-imported an older CR2 RAW file that was shot without saving a jpg, and then still came with a very RED color temp. So, for whatever reason, at least with the 40D - if you do save the raw file with a jpg the infrared color temp. (assuming you’ve done the green grass or tree leaves color balance) comes in properly.  How’s that for a mysterious bit of esoterica.

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8 August, 2008 (09:05) | No comments

Samples of recent work via LR slideshow:



97th and Park Avenue - Infrared

5 August, 2008 (19:15) | No comments

97th-street-ir-color-1965 97th and Park Avenue - Infrared

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Garden, Schurz Park - Infrared

5 August, 2008 (08:21) | 2 comments

garden-ir-schurzpark Garden, Schurz Park - Infrared

A few posts below, I mention the Adobe (BETA) DNG Profiler. All the issues regarding infrared conversions and RAW are resolved by this utility. In short, if you are going to retreive neutral-ish color balances even though the shot was done through an infrared filter - then this is the utility you will need. The major issue with infrared and RAW color balance was that ARC and Lightroom CLIP the raw’s color temperature. This utility gives you back access to color temps below 2000 Kelvin.

At any rate, I feel more in control now, and await my converted XT. Also - Lightroom 2.0 is out. I may have mentioned this before - don’t remember - but it has area painting (i.e. masking sort of stuff); supports larger files; supports the new camera profiles that you create with the DNG Profile Utility; and has a bunch of other good stuff. Only thing - I sort of hate getting a POINT ZERO release… Don’t really know how buggy it will be. True, I’d install it in a separate directory but it may still effect my LR 1.x catalogs. Hmmm….

Do you feel lucky, punk? Well do you?

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Towards 110th Street

28 July, 2008 (11:46) | 2 comments

towards-110th-ir1 Towards 110th Street

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97th & Park

24 July, 2008 (22:00) | No comments

97th-park-1966 97th & Park

“Let you path be strewn with golden petals…” - Aetherius, Greek Poet

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