Photographs of New York ’cause that’s where I am

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Horse - Infrared

17 September, 2008 (12:26) | No comments

horse-infrared-3082 Horse - Infrared

From my trip to Jersey a few weeks ago.  The eyes are black, which is usual for infrared - but the sparkles in the wood fence surprised me.

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Guarding Bryant Park

15 September, 2008 (15:43) | 1 comment

Where the night guard stays.  And I thought my apartment was small.

bryant-park-guard-1723-copy Guarding Bryant Park

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Bryant Park - William Earl Dodge

15 September, 2008 (14:27) | No comments

statue-bryant-park-1703 Bryant Park - William Earl Dodge

Infrared flash.  Ah, this time I was smart and jotted down who this was. It was still drizzling and the paper got sort of soggy but I’m pretty sure it says Dodge on it.

And although I thought I was slightly crazy wandering around midtown or anywhere in the middle of the night - I did end up with some good shots.

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Street Singers

15 September, 2008 (10:43) | No comments

Backlit plus infrared flash.

street-singers-1211-copy Street Singers

street-singers-1229-copy Street Singers

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San Remos and CP Lake

15 September, 2008 (09:43) | 1 comment

San Remos Buildings and Lake

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Flautist - Infrared

14 September, 2008 (15:02) | 2 comments

Times Square Shuttle platform.

My favorite use of the modified XT is with the infrared flash (modded by BeyondVisible.com).  This has been much easier to work with than when I was using the flash with HIE.

flautist-ir-06911 Flautist - Infrared

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Fruitstand - Infrared

14 September, 2008 (13:31) | 2 comments

fruit-stand-0450-copy Fruitstand - Infrared

It’s taken me a while to get around to it, but I’ve made a Lightroom preset that creates this interpretation from the Lifepixel converted XT RAW file.  It uses one of the custom DNG profiles I made and a bunch of LR tweaks.  I’m pretty happy with it so far.  It does have a tendency to blow out highlights, but that can be easily corrected with one of the graduation filters, or by dropping the exposure a bit.  But it’s a very good starting point.

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Man on Rock (2)

6 September, 2008 (13:16) | 2 comments

man-on-rock-2977 Man on Rock (2)

Yes, I’ve redone this shot.  The man (who preaches, or at least used to) on Park Avenue everyday - usually waving a torn bible in your face - sits on the rock after a deluge and lets his clothes dry in the sun.

In my world, I continue down this narrow path of working in color and infrared and make some progress.  I want to try and take some of the techniques I’ve learned and apply them to “normal” color shots I’ve done.  I suppose this is a water-color sort of technique, where various tinted washes are daubed onto the paper.  Lines and tints, but at least for me, no visible brushstrokes.

To create this image, the workflow goes like this:

Start with the RAW file in Lightroom.  Make sure it is zeroed out, i.e. no sharpening, linear curve for tone, etc. and I use a recipe I created in Adobe DNG profiler which which takes the very red raw image and helps separate tones from it.  In general, the best I can do from infrared is come up with distinct tones, usually, red, blue, yellow, white, and black.  Sometimes a bit of green will come through.  Read more…

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Blue Scaffold

5 September, 2008 (15:35) | No comments

blue-scaffold-2049 Blue Scaffold

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D. at Breakfast

5 September, 2008 (09:15) | No comments

breakfast-dan-2 D. at Breakfast

I can’t recommend the IR look for people unless you like a zombie look.  The eyes are almost always a problem.  With flash - they turn into mirrors.  Without flash, they are deep dark pools.  The skin also gets a pasty look.  One interesting thing about the most famous IR picture of people - Weegees movie people was that they were wearing 3-d glasses (which removed the dreaded infrared flash in the eyes effect).

This applies to close-up portrait type work.  If you’re shooting figures, long shots, etc. then people are fine and the eye thing isn’t much of an issue.  When I was shooting the hustle dancers with flash, I was trying to be careful and get them in profile rather than straight on.  You can see the beginning of trouble in the third shot which is partly dead-on.

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The Long And Winding Road

4 September, 2008 (18:00) | 1 comment

Cedar Hill, Central Park

long-winding-room-1134 The Long And Winding Road

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Trashy Memories

3 September, 2008 (21:54) | 1 comment

garbage-can-20011 Trashy Memories

Don’t you think there are textures that bring back memories on a subliminal level?  Something here about the paint and the industrial factory feeling, and the twine tied to the lid.  Also the light coming through the fine wire…  I just wonder if there is some sort of hyper-subliminal-link to an experience that I connect with this feeling. Read more…

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Strollers, Schurz Park

3 September, 2008 (16:05) | 1 comment

walkway-carriages-1968 Strollers, Schurz Park

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Basement Stairs

2 September, 2008 (23:26) | 1 comment

basement-stairs-1992 Basement Stairs

As I walked back from the park, I noticed these stone stairs that if you cropped it right looked like they lead to nowhere.  The blue background is actually a scratched door.  I had a lot of trouble taking this shot because my shadow kept creeping into it.  So I was there for a while and of course a window opened and an old woman asked, politely at least, what I was doing.  I told her that the stairs were interesting and that I wasn’t working for anyone.  Just for myself.  Read more…

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