Photography of New York by Dave Beckerman

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Coney Island, Washed Up

15 June, 2008 (09:19) | No comments

coneyislandwashed9972 Coney Island, Washed Up

Lewis Portrait

15 June, 2008 (09:16) | No comments

I ran into Lewis who has been doing portraits at Coney for 35 years.  I think the images are still being done with polaroid film.

One day I ran into Lewis near the photo store and he asked me how it was going and I was complaining about something.  And he just looked at me calmly and asked, do you like what you’re doing?  And I say, yeah.  And he says, so don’t complain.

It’s good advice, I suppose.  But you can’t change your personality with good advice.  When I ran into him at Coney, and he asked how I was - I said I was tired and hot.  He didn’t say anything this time - just gave me a look and I realized that I was complaining again.  So I just sat down in the shade next to him and waited in silence.    Eventually, I cooled off and walked about 40 feet away and took this shot.  Figured that it wouldn’t turn out too well since there was the bright beach behind him, and he was in the shade - but there was enough detail to pull out - so I can’t complain.

lewisphotog9928 Lewis Portrait