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I’m getting there — almost through April.  I think it was around June that I started playing with infrared.

Buddha in Window

“When all desires that surge in the heart
Are renounced, the mortal becomes immortal.

When all the knots that strangle the heart
Are loosened, the mortal becomes immortal.

This sums up the teaching of the scriptures.”

The Upanishads, (Katha II)

I’ve been just finished reading through most of The Upanishads (for the second or third time).  They were written in India about three thousand years ago, and try to answer such questions as: What makes my mind think?  My eyes see?  What happens when I die.

For most of us, we’ve got to come back and try again; or to be more zen - don’t try again - just be.  I used to meditate a lot, but I’ve fallen off the wagon.  Now I think I’m falling back on the meditation wagon again.  But the zen way appeals to me: no churches, no authorities - maybe a wise teacher.  But in it’s core, a simple practice of meditation that will eventually lead to a non-intellectual answer to some of the big questions.

The world could use more Buddhists in it.

Couple and Compass

Digicam Light

While I was photographing the band near Grand Central tunnel that leads to the shuttle, I found the usual number of people grabbing shots in near darkness.  You might remember, I’ve been trying to catch people lit by their modern (or maybe contemporary) devices.  This was a good spot for it, and whenever I’m there I keep an eye out for what seems to me to be the modern equivalent of shooting by one candle.

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