Photographs of New York ’cause that’s where I live

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Man and Phone

man-and-phone-ir-f-0726 Man and Phone

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Flautist - Subway

flautist-ir-f-0696 Flautist - Subway

Infrared flash - times square shuttle.

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Construction on 86th Street, IR Color

construction-86th-street-ir-c-0443 Construction on 86th Street, IR Color

When my father arrived in New York city from Cleveland he was ten years old.  He likes to tell me how he would walk around at night - and wonder where all these people were going.  It amazed him to see cars on the streets at night.

One generation later, I’m amazed at the continual construction that goes on.  I find it hard to believe that these expensive co-ops will all find buyers - but they will.  I wonder where all that money comes from, and what it takes to spend a million dollars for a few rooms on a noisy street.  I understand the attraction of luxury.  I understand that you want some tangible proof that you’ve made it.  And most of all, you want to be ensconced in a space that separates you from the rush and unruliness of the surrounding city.

But I leave my cramped apartment and love to watch these buildings materialize.  They go up so quickly.  Once they’re finished - they’re just another luxury building - but while they’re rising from the concrete, they are in their most beautiful state.

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22 August, 2008 (16:08) | 3 comments

Wild Animals

I followed the wild beast to his lair. I was able to hook up my infrared flash just in time to catch him as he prepared for the evening hunt.

buddy-ir-flash-0624 Wild Animals

(Bounced infrared flash).

Oh, one other thing - in case you were wondering - the cat doesn’t react to the infrared flash.  So if you were ever wondering whether they saw infrared light - I don’t think so.  The flash can be 3 feet away, with the cat looking straight at it, and he doesn’t blink or react in any way when it goes off.

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22 August, 2008 (10:40) | 1 comment

Flat Iron Building

flat-iron-ir-c-0525 Flat Iron Building

Ah I had been waiting to shoot buildings with the modified infrared camera.  Sun low in the sky, just off to the left behind the bottom (brightest spot).

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21 August, 2008 (17:30) | 9 comments

Couple on Stairs - IR Flash

couple-stairs-ir-fl-0505 Couple on Stairs - IR Flash

1940’s - here I come.

A note about the infrared flash:

I had a Vivitar 285HV modified for me by Shane Elan at: http://www.beyondvisible.com/

Last summer I used it quite often at night and in the subways with infrared film. I highly recommend Shane and if you do have him do any work - send my regards.


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21 August, 2008 (16:10) | 3 comments

Woman by Stairs, Infrared

woman-subway-ir-fl-0503 Woman by Stairs, Infrared

I began shooting with the IR flash on the subway this morning… Shades of Weegee… 1/16th power with the Vivitar 285 modded flash was plenty for most situations… and since the flash is emitting IR light - there is no pop and I remain invisible…

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21 August, 2008 (16:02) | 1 comment

Statue, Central Park - Infrared

statue-90th-ir-0264 Statue, Central Park - Infrared

The first thing I notice is that the converted camera with the 72 filter option is perfect for b&w in the style that I was doing last summer with HIE film and a deep red filter.  That is - it is not an overwhelming effect; which is where I like it.  The previous long exposure shots that were heavily colored (by me) - that’s not necessary now because what I’m doing with the converted camera are “snapshots,” and they don’t need to be painted.

I’m not sure if I’m being clear about the difference - but for me there is a tremendous difference between a shot on a tripod at a slow speed where people for the most part disappear - and where the angle is somewhat dictated by having to move the tripod and constantly doing resets - not to mention that you are not looking through the actual viewfinder (with the old system) but an approximation.

What I’m trying to say is that with the converted (Lifepixel) camera, I can move around and shoot quickly as an idea strikes me - which for me makes it more photographic.  I’m not saying that Ansel Adams didn’t make photographs because he used heavy equipment and worked on a tripod - but that was his style.  My own photographic style over the last ten years is handheld and my tripod work (when I’m forced into it) is too static for my own taste.  Boy, I suppose that’s a long-winded way of saying that I’m more comfortable shooting handheld and feel more creative and that I don’t feel the need to turn these shots into paintings.

BTW - this statue is around 90th street on the east side of the park, and I didn’t catch who the subjects are.

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Infrared Flash

This was shot with the converted infrared flash (only emitting IR light which is invisible to the eye) in complete darkness. So the IR / Digital Modded Camera combination works. The only thing is that the camera, at least so far, doesn’t recognize that there’s a flash attached (it’s a Vivitar) so I have to shoot in manual mode. This was done at 1/16th power at ASA 400 and f5.6.

Since the camera is more responsive to IR than HIE film - this is a pretty powerful combination for night shooting.

flash-test-1-0417 Infrared Flash


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Running Girl

running-girl-ir-0387 Running Girl

First shot with the converted LifePixel Rebel 350.  Well, not the first shot, but the first posted shot.  Ah, what a pleasure.  As soon as UPS arrived with it, I tore the package apart, and ran out to the park to try it.  Everything was just the way it should be.  The focus (this was with the 30 mm Sigma) was dead on (though I didn’t try anything at f1.4).  Shutter speeds were as if the camera were normal - maybe even more speed when shooting foiliage.  And basically, I could walk around with the thing as I’ve been doing with any normal camera for the past few decades - which is to say I could let my imagination dictate the shots.

This was taken in shade with the spots of sunlight here and there.  f5.6, 1/160th of a second, ASA 400.

I’ll write more as I get a chance to but first impressions - just what the doctor ordered.

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