Photographs of New York ’cause that’s where I live

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Miguel Marrero, Dance Hustle Champion

dance-lesson-central-park-1099 Miguel Marrero, Dance Hustle Champion

dance-lesson-central-park-1114 Miguel Marrero, Dance Hustle Champion

hustle-1116 Miguel Marrero, Dance Hustle Champion

I stumbled across Miguel Marrero giving dance lessons under the Bethesda Overpass. I did a bunch of infrared flash shots in this dark area.

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25 August, 2008 (18:26) | 2 comments

Cedar Hill, Central Park

cedar-hill-ir-0973 Cedar Hill, Central Park

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Church Doors, Night

church-doors-ir-0908 Church Doors, Night

Fifth Avenue, across from Engineers Gate.

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John Purroy Mitchel

john-purroy-mitchel-0903 John Purroy Mitchel

Engineers Gate - Central Park.

John Purroy Mitchel (July 19, 1879 - July 6, 1918) was the mayor of New York from 1914 to 1917, and at age 34 the youngest ever; he was sometimes referred to as “The Boy Mayor of New York”. His grandfather, John Mitchel, was a Presbyterian Young Irelander (Irish nationalist supporter), and a renowned writer and leader in the Irish independence movement. Read more »

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Canon 50D

There have been a few leaks about the 50D and a number of people - well - two - have sent me links.  Thanks Markus and Elliot.

Here’s a link that leads to a bunch of other links about the Canon 50d camera.

As I’ve said before, the only thing I’m interested in is the extra pixels, although as my eyes go from looking at too much infrared light (who knows what that’s been doing to me) the face recognition technology will be helpful.  But seriously - I think by the time I can’t focus on faces properly I should hang up the camera.


24 August, 2008 (21:09) | 1 comment

Breakfast Table

breakfast-table-0824 Breakfast Table

My father’s house for breakfast. My sister Joan is making the face (bottom of image). My father is at 9:00. I’m there obviously at 12. At one o’clock is my sister Nancy. And at five is Joan’s fiancee, Freddie. Shot into the lamp that hangs over the breakfast table. The things that look like crop circles are placemats.

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24 August, 2008 (14:30) | 5 comments

Woman with Shoes, Subway

woman-with-shoes-0709 Woman with Shoes, Subway

Basically what I did - was stand by the first car of the shuttle and wait to try and catch people running to catch it. Since there is always another shuttle in a few minutes, it is very New York to see how desperate people are to catch the train before it leaves to go to Times Square (from Grand Central). The flute player, just rides the trains back and forth. There are tons of cameras photographing me as I photograph the dash to the train.

The infrared flash is great for these deep rich black Read more »

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24 August, 2008 (08:38) | 1 comment

Blue Skies

blue-sky-0762 Blue Skies

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Man and Phone

man-and-phone-ir-f-0726 Man and Phone

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Flautist - Subway

flautist-ir-f-0696 Flautist - Subway

Infrared flash - times square shuttle.

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23 August, 2008 (14:24) | 4 comments

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