Photographs of New York ’cause that’s where I live

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New Inkjet Paper for Me

After using the Crane Museo Silver Rag since before it came out - I was able to get beta of the paper - I’m starting to use the Epson F Gloss Exhibition Paper for orders.  I can’t really use it for the stuff that normally would be done with roll paper, the larger prints, but so long as I don’t mix papers in one order, I’m going for the Epson paper.

I know that we’ve come to a point where there are now lots of new fiber (darkroom-ish) papers being produced and I really can’t test them all - nor do I see any reason to.  The Epson F paper is excellent for the black and white prints and I like it very much for the color infrared work I’ve been doing.  I think it’s more expensive than the Silver Rag - but as I say - I like it very much.

You probably read this and say - but he doesn’t tell what it is about the paper that he likes better.  Hard to put my finger on it.  The print looks more photographic than the silver rag prints.  It has more of a “gleam” than the silver rag.  Does that tell you anything - I don’t know.

(In case you’re wondering about the metal hinges - that’s how I flatten the rolled paper).

some-prints-2005 New Inkjet Paper for Me

Craig writes: “I received a promo package of the Epson paper and found it too warm. Recently I tried Calumet Brilliant Museum glossy paper. Its very similar to the Crane Museo Silver and I think cheaper in price.”

And this is what I should have included: I’m printing on the Epson 4800 and Epson 7800 with K3 inks.  I’m using what they call the advanced black and white driver.

In other words - your results may differ with different printers or different workflows.



4 September, 2008 (12:37) | 5 comments

Trashy Memories

garbage-can-20011 Trashy Memories

Don’t you think there are textures that bring back memories on a subliminal level?  Something here about the paint and the industrial factory feeling, and the twine tied to the lid.  Also the light coming through the fine wire…  I just wonder if there is some sort of hyper-subliminal-link to an experience that I connect with this feeling. Read more »

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Strollers, Schurz Park

walkway-carriages-1968 Strollers, Schurz Park

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Microsoft me

Don’t you love Microsoft.  I know I do.  They keep me on my toes.  Last night the tricky son of a gun said it had an automatic update for me.  It appeared in a little balloon and wouldn’t go away.  Oh, what was the install - it didn’t say.  Oh well, might as well.  (Famous last words).

So it starts the update and now I see that XP Service Pack 3 is being installed.

Good.  I like to be up-to-date.

Eventually it finishes telling me that XP service pack 3 has been installed and that I need to reboot the machine for the magical improvements to go into effects.

With the new pack of crap installed my computer couldn’t get past the opening screen.  You know the one where the square dots go back and forth as if something is happening but nothing happens.  I check the yellow drive light - but it’s asleep. Read more »


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Basement Stairs

basement-stairs-1992 Basement Stairs

As I walked back from the park, I noticed these stone stairs that if you cropped it right looked like they lead to nowhere.  The blue background is actually a scratched door.  I had a lot of trouble taking this shot because my shadow kept creeping into it.  So I was there for a while and of course a window opened and an old woman asked, politely at least, what I was doing.  I told her that the stairs were interesting and that I wasn’t working for anyone.  Just for myself.  Read more »

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2 September, 2008 (23:26) | 1 comment

Crate with…

window-display-1999 Crate with...\

In the window of a picture framing store.  If I knew what was in the crate - I’d give it a proper name.  Is it hay?  Straw?  Some sort of grain?  I giveup - but infrared usually doesn’t work well through windows - or at least it cuts a lot of the light coming back… For some reason this plate glass worked at a normal illumination.

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Schurz Walkway - infrared color

schurz-walkway-1955 Schurz Walkway - infrared color

This is the first color shot that didn’t take much work.  Color balance was in sunlight off the sidewalk.  I used me “sunny city day” DNG profile in Lightroom; and then just hit the auto tone button.  In other words, I’m getting close now to understanding the workflow.

I liked this spot very much (they left the lights on for me) and probably did about 30 shots here.  I’ll have to figure out which one is best, but I think I’m getting somewhere now.

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New York Public Library

public-library-42nd-1749 New York Public Library

It’s true.  I really was going out for several nights, or early mornings in a row, and not sleeping much the last week or so.  You know what happened - I just was eager to test certain things with the new infrared camera.    Today I slept ’til noon.  I’ve figured out most of the things that were forcing me out of bed.

- The infrared flash at night is very powerful.  But it turns out images which are heavily tinted purple.  It is almost impossible to get more than two colors out of these images: a light orange, and a deep purple.  And even to do this, you’ve got to create a “Recipe” for the flash image with Adobe DNG profiler.

However, on a positive note, using the profile, you can get rich black and white photographs. Read more »

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Model Boat Pond

model-boat-lake-21 Model Boat Pond

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Boy in Diner

boy-in-diner-2 Boy in Diner

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