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Scary Scanning

It really is sort of overwhelming.  As I start to go into my Paris archives (let’s call them that though they are scattered around), I come across tons of Medium Format shots from 1) The Bronx, 2) Coney Island 3) France and 4) The southwest… I mean, just all out of order and stacked in […]

Travel. Here or there?

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In the dream, which seemed to last all night, I was trying to get back to my old apartment in the Bronx.  Family members, some dead, some still living, kept popping in and out, and were giving me advice that made no sense.  There was even a truck at one point, like that truck laden […]

Eiffel Tower

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I did go up in the Tower, and then hang around the bottom, when I got the idea of trying to point camera straight up. I only took three shots of the tower and this is one of them. Tough to photograph something that has been done that many times.

Morning Light – Paris

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Could be wrong… seem to remember that this was on the Isle de Cite.

Flickr gets Facelift

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You probably know this already if you are a Flickrite – but curious if they’ve added features you’ve been waiting for. Here’s a link to one of my shots with the Preview Tour I can’t really comment because I’m not a big Flickr person.  I’m just not enough of a “joiner.”  And I don’t like […]

Moving Walkway, Paris

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I was on my way out of the Paris airport, loaded down with bags and such, and saw that I was moving at same speed as couple, and background should be blurred if slow-enough shutter… And fumbled to set speed, and just got this shot before they turned around and stared at me… (Contax G2) […]

Limited Edition of Poets Walk hits 95 / 100

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Yes, the 11 x 14 size (which is the only limited edition version) just hit number 95 / 100.  That amazes me more than you can image, considering that I came very close to not printing it at all when I first saw the 4×5 negative.  I just thought it was too sentimental.  I’m still […]