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Flickr gets Facelift

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You probably know this already if you are a Flickrite – but curious if they’ve added features you’ve been waiting for. Here’s a link to one of my shots with the Preview Tour I can’t really comment because I’m not a big Flickr person.  I’m just not enough of a “joiner.”  And I don’t like […]

Moving Walkway, Paris

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I was on my way out of the Paris airport, loaded down with bags and such, and saw that I was moving at same speed as couple, and background should be blurred if slow-enough shutter… And fumbled to set speed, and just got this shot before they turned around and stared at me… (Contax G2) […]

Limited Edition of Poets Walk hits 95 / 100

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Yes, the 11 x 14 size (which is the only limited edition version) just hit number 95 / 100.  That amazes me more than you can image, considering that I came very close to not printing it at all when I first saw the 4×5 negative.  I just thought it was too sentimental.  I’m still […]

Subway Station, Paris

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I’ve been told the name of this station, but forgot. Anyone know the name? Would be nice for the title in the store. And c’mon. Do we have even one station that comes close to this metro station in terms of design – ironwork or not.

Paris Cafe

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I don’t know what this guy did, but he’s going to find out pretty soon. And the guy in the right hand corner, definitely a spy.

Two Women on Bus (Paris)

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I think of this one as a version of “Janus.” Look carefully, you’ll be able to find my reflection.

Boy on Bench (by Seine)

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I really can’t see much difference between what the style of what I shot in Paris, and what I’ve been doing in New York, other than that Paris is a much more beautiful city, and the people (at least back then) were much more open to being photographed. I think it’s illegal now to do […]

Girl on Bike, Paris

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In-between printing orders, I’m starting to go through thousands of photos from my days in Paris. I expect to have about 20 that will go into the store. It’s a bit early in the game, but you can see what I’ve put into the store so far on my French page.

The Old Job

Bernie H. When I got out of Columbia’s adult program for programmers (1.5 years) my first job was programming at a small firm in Princeton.  Since I needed the job, you know how it is, you’ve got to get that first job under your belt, I commuted from the lower east side to Princeton during […]