For you Beckerman Photo Blog readers who are interested in an invite to Google Plus… leave me a comment.  I can’t just hand them out to everyone since I don’t really know how many I have or if they’ll be turned off.

But you would have had to leave a comment before - or I need to know you through the blog etc.

I created a Google Plus circle that I call web photo friends.  That’s probably where you’ll go though you won’t know it.  I have another circle that I call “real friends.”  Yes, these are people that I see in real life and go to cheer me up, or to really spill my guts to.  I have another circle: acquaintances. This is really the lowest one since it means I probably don’t even know where I met you or who you are, but you seem to know me.

Then there are the useful ones.  I have one for customers.  Anyone that’s bought a print goes in here so someday I’ll do away with my mass mailing program and just do it through that circle.  Then there’s a circle for business contacts.  And another one for vendors.  Maybe one or two more, but for now that seems to be it. Oh, sure, I have two for family.  One for immediate family, sisters, dad, a few in-laws.  And another circle for cousins, in-laws, or family that I don’t really have much to do with.

I’m not really sure how many invites I have to offer.  A few people had them just turned off so I’m doing this with some moderation.   Oh - and fill in your real email or you won’t get the invite.  That’s sort of obvious I guess.


P.S. I’ll leave this Google Plus post at the top of the blog for a while - so you’ll have to skim down for new posts.

Happily - a fan from FB sent me an invite for Google Plus and I’ve been playing with it for a few hours.

I can tell you the obvious stuff that I like - and you’ll find others saying the same thing.

For now, I’ll tell you my number one LIKE and that is that you can edit your own posts!  Yeah!  In other words, unlike Facebook, if you write something and then see a typo, you can fix it.

Or if you decide, as I often do when I’m working in this blog, that I have a better way of saying something and want to edit it - you can.

The privacy controls are straightforward.  Nothing tricky going on.

Now, here’s a question - is this my Google Plus home page - and can you see it?


The thumbnails in the “stream” are bigger than facebook.

Here’s screen shot of my first post to Google Plus

It’s clean looking and so far very easy to figure out.  It’s also somewhat integrated with my gmail account - at least there’s a bunch of Google Plus stuff that’s on the right side of my gmail account.

As practically everyone knows - you get to create CIRCLES as a way of managing people, and already this is much easier for me to use than anything on FB (remember, I have disliked facebook from the beginning but have used it since it is a business thing)

So for example: I can quickly put my “real” friends into one circle, and my “virtual photo friends” into another one, and my family into a third etc.

There’s still a ton of stuff I don’t know - but will add to this post as I get the basics out of the way.


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Matt Weber: I have found a useful trick to help my photography is to put my camera on a diet.

Having a fat and sluggish camera is definitely not a good idea if one wants to shoot on the street. Considering that my Leica comes from Germany, or at least has German heritage, I feed my Leica M6 Sauerkraut….I don’t let it eat any meat because the extra fat could accumulate around the curtain and give me slower shutter speeds.

I used to feed the Summicron Coca Cola because it’s so fast it craves caffeine. Now if my lens is lucky, I spill a little Espresso on it…

Matt Weber, Street Photography in New York

Photography by Dave Beckerman

p.s. While we were at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (a few pics will follow) - I noticed that Matt’s Leica M6 with the winder was actually louder than my dinky Ti1. We did some tests side by side and that turned out to be the case. Once the winder was turned off - the first frame from the Leica was still loud. Matt explained that was because there was still tension on the film. But the second Leica shot was nice and quit. But I’m not sure it was anymore quiet than my own DSLR. Or they were close enough that you’d have to do a test, or maybe I’m going deaf. But I can remember all the arguments that went on in the old days, about how the Leica M series were the only cameras that were allowed to cover certain events and all that. I think that bit of the equation if done.

Beckerman Mermaid Day in Photo Museum

And by Leanne Staples

That’s right.  I’ve taken a simple idea and am developing it further.

I’ve launched the DAVE BECKERMAN MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook.  The idea is so simple that it’s hard to believe no one has done it yet.  Probably they have, it just isn’t well known.  But the idea is that you message me or share your photo or your photo album (it needs to be on Facebook) with me

I will then go through the image or maybe wander off to other photos on your site, and look for really good original images to post in the Photography Museum.

The idea came to me when I was walking out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art - after having seen the latest modern photography show.  I can’t afford to do a physical museum, but I can spend some time curating other people’s works.

The reason that you don’t see it much on facebook (although there are groups that attempt to do this) is that people are so consumed with getting their own work seen.  But if you can forget about your own work - there’s a mutual benefit - both for the curator (who garnishes likes for that page) and exposure if the page becomes popular for contributors.

Yup.  That’s what I’m going to do with my facebook page.

You can submit a photo to

Or email me a link and if I think it’s new and special or old and special or just special - I’ll post it on my page:

BTW, it’s not all that easy to find “good” photos on FB.  I know that they’re there but I’ve been scanning the photo groups and have only found a few so far.

Let’s see if technically this even works. I don’t think that I allow anyone to post images to my dave.beckerman page - and I don’t see how to have separate photo posting settings for my page as opposed to my wall.


I’ve written a lot about SEO (search engine optimization) as it relates to photographers, but never in any consistent way.  Photoshelter SEO COOKBOOK for Photographers, as part of a their way of attracting customers, asks you to supply them with your e-mail address and then sends a link to this valuable PDF called Photography Websites: SEO COOKBOOK.

And that’s a good deal for one reason - it confirms most of what I’ve personally experienced over the last decade.

One of the main points it makes, and maybe this is already obvious, but in the old days, photographers did “push” campaigns.  You had postcards made, portfolios etc. and sent them out to potential clients.  Now, potential customers are going to find you.  And the first place they will look is the Google search engine.

And how many pages deep will they look for you?  That’s right, probably not more than one page.

And on the first page, who will they likely checkout first?  That’s right, the first three or four listings.  So in other words, if you are attempting to “let people find you” then you need to be on that first page.  And what that means in practical terms, is that you are going to need to pick a narrow enough niche phrase to give you a chance.

Just to give you a taste of what you’re up against, the Google robot that crawls your site is looking at about 200 variables.  No, I don’t know what they all are.  I don’t know if any one person does.  But the power of the search engine is such that they will make or break your business.

I don’t want to repeat what’s in the photography SEO pamphlet - but I’m simply advising that it’s worth downloading.  I’m actually going to put it on my iPhone and read it there. Again, here’s a link to the page that has the PDF SEO Cookbook for Photographers.


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