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Korean Deli, Night

5 July, 2008 (06:05) | buildings, color photos | 2 comments

korean-deli-night1409 Korean Deli, Night

In New York, and I guess in other cities as well, the Korean Deli is always open all night.  I once asked the owner of this one if he had many customers at night.  No, not really, he said.  Maybe around midnight we have a few but after 2 a.m. you don’t see anyone until maybe 5 a.m. (which is when this was taken).

So why, I asked don’t you close down at night, I asked.  He seemed genuinely puzzled, but after a moment said - it was because his father always had it opened all night.  We both looked around the deserted store and smiled at each other.  I asked him for permission to take a few pictures and he shrugged his shoulders as if to say - knock yourself out.

(Sigma 30mm f1.4 @ asa 800 and f2.0)

Sunset - Roosevelt Island

5 July, 2008 (00:00) | color photos | No comments

sunset-roosevelt-island0499 Sunset - Roosevelt Island

FDR & Triboro

4 July, 2008 (17:24) | color photos, nyc bridges | 2 comments

fdr-and-triboro9917 FDR & Triboro

My observations so far - as far as “what works,” in color - are images where there’s a predominant color and a secondary color. This shot is a good example; as is the guy walking through the fog. The rest of it - those shots can work in color or b&w but the impact is based more on the composition and subject. That’s about as far as my thinking goes so far.

It sort of explains why some of the “tinted” shots felt better to me than the full color versions.  A sort of unity across the image so that you can concentrate on the composition / subject.  Also explains why infrared had such a pleasing effect.  I expect the same would be true for certain color infrared subjects.

So anyway - that’s where I’m at - which is a way of saying I can shoot street stuff in color and give a fairly realistic rendition - but unless you’re a super genius at it - you’ll be dealing with a myriad of colors which may work better as toned prints.  On the other hand, if you know ahead of time that you’re shooting for color - you have a better chance of simplifying the colors.

Portrait - Bagel Series

4 July, 2008 (12:51) | bagels, color photos | 1 comment

bagels1390 Portrait - Bagel Series

Part of the ongoing series from H&H Bagels; which is to say I try and take a shot every time I’m in the store. What I’m curious about - for you biologists out there - is this: if you wear the plastic gloves all day, wouldn’t they pick up the same amount (or more) bacteria as if you were using your hands? I have no idea.

I understand that this may not be the most exciting series in the world (understatement) but that never stopped me before, and I like to imagine that there’s a small group of ex-New Yorkers that will relish this series when it’s completed.

Carl Schurz Park - Spring 2006

4 July, 2008 (11:08) | color photos, new york parks | No comments

schurz-park-spring-9930 Carl Schurz Park - Spring 2006

Woman Under Canvas Hat

4 July, 2008 (01:11) | color photos, subway | No comments

woman-under-hat-1982 Woman Under Canvas Hat

There are so many ways that people find to isolate themselves on the subway - books, pods, games, hats.

Father and Son

3 July, 2008 (19:57) | color photos, people, subway | No comments

father-and-son1284 Father and Son

What I remember was that they were both named, Angel.

The Lipstick Cafe

3 July, 2008 (16:38) | buildings, color photos | No comments

lipstick-cafe0083 The Lipstick Cafe

I’m not going to say that the Lipstick Building is my favorite New York building - but it is one of them.  I returned several times at night trying to figure out why I couldn’t get this shot right - and of course it turns out that it needed to be in color.

Foggy Night

3 July, 2008 (15:46) | color photos, people | No comments

man-in-fog9840 Foggy Night

Silent Night!

3 July, 2008 (09:13) | color photos, subway performers | 1 comment

silent-night9381 Silent Night!

Christmas, Times Square Shuttle - 2005

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