Photography of New York by Dave Beckerman

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Shoot the Freak!

14 October, 2008 (12:27)

shoot-the-freak-2897 Shoot the Freak!

Yesterday was my last day with the converted infrared Rebel XT since I’ve sold it (though I haven’t made the transfer yet).  It worked out so well for me that my plan is to buy the 50D when I can afford it, and then convert my 40D with

Had a great day at Coney.  They keep saying that the place is being torn down - last time to ride the whatever ride, but I don’t see much stuff being torn down yet.

The Shooting of the Freak always makes me think about the shooting of The Other and how primitive we really are.  If we can just put the label of Freak, or Other, or Enemy on someone, or a bunch of people, then anything goes.  It’s a tricky business, since there are real enemies.  But this primitive method classifying is easily used for evil purposes.

Will post less sociological pictures later.

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Comment from peter
Time: October 14, 2008, 2:13 pm

So why the 50D instead of the 5D Mark II? Cost?

Comment from Dave Beckerman
Time: October 14, 2008, 2:15 pm

Yep - cost. I’ll see where I’m at financially in a few months. If I can swing it, then the Mark II. Otherwise, the 50D.

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