Photography of New York by Dave Beckerman

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Subway Tuck

13 October, 2008 (17:22)

subway-tuck-2812 Subway Tuck

On the #4 train - headed towards Coney Island (today).  Infrared flash.

Whenever you see a post marked infrared inside a train - it was done with infrared flash.  The infrared camera or film is not sensitive to the spectrum the train lights use.  Most of the time, the infrared flash is pretty much aimed dead on, as in this shot.  But sometimes, if the train ceilings reflect enough IR light, I bounce the flash (the closeup of the guy reading the paper is an example of this).

If you’re looking directly at the flash when it goes off, you’ll notice a slight red glow.  If the flash is bounced, or if you’re not looking directly at it - the flash can’t be seen.  The use of infrared flash goes back at least to the famous Mr. Weegee who used it to great effect in the movie theaters of New York.

I always try to give a shout out to the Shane Elan who converted the flash for infrared.  I’ve used it with infrared film, and now with digital infrared camera.  The flash is a Vivitar 285HV.  Most of the time I’m using it at 1/4 power (this shot).  If I’m bouncing it, or using it for fill light outdoors, I use it at 1/2 power.  In other words - it does the job.

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Comment from Rian
Time: October 13, 2008, 9:54 pm

oh wow! infrared flash?!? that’s the first time i’ve heard of it and sure thing i’ll be googling it after posting this comment.. hehe.. excellent timing too on this one..

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