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If anyone’s interested, I might sell the LifePixel converted Canon Rebel XT.  It’s been converted to their standard 72 wavelength.  You can read about this stuff at

The camera is in good condition - which is to say I used it for the last few months to do all the b&w infrared shots in the blog and in the galleries.  The camera shoots color infrared.  The b&w images have been converted in Lightroom.

Oh - reason for selling it - now that the 50D is on the way, I would like to have my 40D converted by

LifePixel charges (as of this writing) $325 plus shipping for XT conversion.  You can buy a new Rebel XT for about $500.  So I’m looking to get $600 for the converted XT.  I can throw in the one extra battery I bought.  I still have the box, manual etc.  And I have 512mb card that I don’t use anymore.

If I don’t get any offers from this post - I’ll put it up on eBay and see what happens.

Again - this is a camera that only takes infrared pictures and is - what six months old?  Something like that.  There is no warranty since once Lifepixel does it’s thing - the warranty is useless. And I won’t accept returns on the camera.  I can only say that it is in perfect working order.   I’ll pay for Fedex postage within the US.  I would rather not ship overseas.  And I can do the whole deal through Paypal by sending a Paypal request for money.

If I can’t get $600 for it, then I’ll just keep it and not upgrade the 40D.


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  1. John Smyth

    Hello Dave,
    If that IR-adapted camera is still available, I’d like to buy it [at the price quoted]. I’ll be in NYC for Halloween and could pick it up then. You have my email address, so if it’s still available, could you drop me a line and I can reply with more info.

    Love your work.


    Oct 11, 2008 @ 10:33 am