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Dancing Hasidm

30 September, 2008 (20:18)

dancing-hasidm-5494 Dancing Hasidm

Sigma 30mm / ASA 400 / Camera: 40D

Not much time to shoot lately because business has picked up a lot.

On a more technical note - I did a 23 x 36 inch print straight through LR without using my usual extrapolation program, and it turned out - well - excellent.  I just cropped it (it’s really not cropping is it if you go larger?) to the desired size.

In the print settings, I set sharpening to LOW. Paper to Glossy (this is on Silver Rag).  In the development module, just a touch of sharpening (15%).

No artifacts.  Nice and sharp.  And a bunch of things in the shot that I didn’t see when I was looking at it on the screen.

There are three tiny dots in the sky which are now fully visible, crisp seagulls. You can see untied shoelaces.  Who’s wearing glasses and who isn’t (uh, they’re all wearing glasses except for one kid).  And you can see every gleaming button, even the holes in one of the buttons -  on their clothing.

I printed it at 180 dpi (usually for smaller prints I like to print at 360dpi).  In short, given that this is as large as I can print a shot from the 40D on my Epson 7800 - impressive.

The 50D / 5D II will give me the ability to crop as needed and to go super large.


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Comment from Luke
Time: September 30, 2008, 9:21 pm

Sounds like you’re approaching MF territory. Reminds me of this interview with Stephen Shore, where he comments on the 8×10 negative of a street corner scene in Pennsylvania, where he could see a boy sitting in a dentist’s waiting room, next to the red VW.

Methinks if you make the move to the 5D MK II, you’ll be in 8×10 territory. With the 50D, you’ll be enjoying solid 4×5 resolution, never mind 35mm.

Comment from Elliot
Time: September 30, 2008, 11:34 pm

FYI, people have been complaining about noise in the 50D, especially at high ISOs. Canon originally asserted a few weeks ago that the 50D would offer at least one-stop better noise reduction than the 40D, but people aren’t seeing that.

One person was able to reduce shadow noise by turning off the Auto Lighting Optimizer, but I remember reading that you use that regularly:

Aside from that, others just aren’t seeing much difference betwen the 40D and 50D. Here are two crops at ISO 1600, 50D on left, 40D on right:

Here they are after up-rezzing the 40D image to approximate the same mp as the 50D — in this case the 50D does better:

… but only if you’re *really* printing large. Won’t give you much better results for most prints, I think.

So perhaps this is not the ideal upgrade for you, unless you really need the extra MP (around + 20% linear).

I have a friend who really likes his 14MP Pentax K20D (and loves the primes that work on it) but he doesn’t shoot above ISO 800, which is where the noise really starts to kick in, and where the AF starts to slow down. On the other hand, with in-body IS he can effectively shoot a lot of stuff at 1/8th and 1/15th. It’s down to $950 at places like buydig, probably the best body bargain around these days. Very nicely designed camera, no landscape/people/flash ‘idiot modes’ and has some really nice, unique features like ‘Shutter and Aperture Priority’ mode, where you select both the shutter speed and aperture and the camera calculates the appropriate ISO. Of course, if you’ve got a collection of lenses for another mount it’s too much trouble to go elsewhere….

Comment from dave
Time: October 1, 2008, 12:03 am

Thanks Elliot. More to mull over. But one thing - I use the “Highlight Priority” on the 40D. The 40D doesn’t have that “auto lighting” thing.

To go up to the 5D II, means one extra lens, that’s all; i.e. replacing the Sigma 30mm. I’m falling asleep right now but will look at the links you provided.

Comment from Stephen BRAY
Time: October 1, 2008, 2:38 am

The 5DII has a, somewhat, larger body than the 40/50D series. OK for landscape but methinks it might all get rather ungainly for streetwork. Of course you could keep the 40D for that and use the 5DII for landscapes, but if you’re then going for a dedicated landscaper why not go the whole hog and just get the brilliant new Leica S2? ;-)


Comment from dave
Time: October 1, 2008, 2:48 am

Stephen - nice to know that someone out there has a good sense of humor.

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Comment from Luke
Time: October 1, 2008, 9:55 am

Elliot, I had the K20D and Ltd primes. Quality was excellent up to ASA 3200. When I showed people the prints, they thought they were shot at 800. Most of the noise/grain you see on screen at 100% goes away in a print. Based upon my experience with the K20D, I guessed at what Dave would see with the 50D. There was detail to be found in prints that astounded me. Definitely well past 35mm resolution.

Stephen, the 5D is only a few tenths of an inch wider and higher than the 40D. Not enough to make it huge in comparison to the 40D. With the primes it’s a good size, though not so with the huge 24-70 zooms. But Dave shoots mostly with primes so he’ll be fine if he takes on the 5D, which I hope he does. I want to see what Dave does with ASA 12800.

Comment from peter
Time: October 1, 2008, 3:02 pm

All the techno inputs aside…just wondering why you left the uttermost left hand side boy in the crop?

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