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A Time to Relax

13 September, 2008 (20:25)

I remember a time when our gadgets were friends - and there were ads that showed scenes of happy men and women working on the beach with their gadgets.  Now, the gadgets have taken over and become surrogate bosses.  It seems, as I look around that instead of giving us freedom - they’ve managed to keep us more enslaved then ever.  One gadget to relax with, another to make us more efficient.   Rather than giving us the promised freedom, they’ve put us on an invisible leash.  The machines always win out in the end.

keyboards-8337 A Time to Relax

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Comment from Take My Photograph
Time: September 13, 2008, 10:40 pm

Hi awesome photograph love what you have done, it’s a great inspiration for my own work.



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