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D. at Breakfast

5 September, 2008 (09:15)

breakfast-dan-2 D. at Breakfast

I can’t recommend the IR look for people unless you like a zombie look.  The eyes are almost always a problem.  With flash - they turn into mirrors.  Without flash, they are deep dark pools.  The skin also gets a pasty look.  One interesting thing about the most famous IR picture of people - Weegees movie people was that they were wearing 3-d glasses (which removed the dreaded infrared flash in the eyes effect).

This applies to close-up portrait type work.  If you’re shooting figures, long shots, etc. then people are fine and the eye thing isn’t much of an issue.  When I was shooting the hustle dancers with flash, I was trying to be careful and get them in profile rather than straight on.  You can see the beginning of trouble in the third shot which is partly dead-on.

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