New York | Dave Beckerman

Engineers Gate - Central Park.

John Purroy Mitchel (July 19, 1879 - July 6, 1918) was the mayor of New York from 1914 to 1917, and at age 34 the youngest ever; he was sometimes referred to as “The Boy Mayor of New York”. His grandfather, John Mitchel, was a Presbyterian Young Irelander (Irish nationalist supporter), and a renowned writer and leader in the Irish independence movement.

Mitchel ran again for Mayor in the highly-charged wartime election of 1917. He narrowly lost the Republican primary to William Bennett after a contentious recount, but ran for re-election as a pro-war Fusion candidate against Bennett, the anti-war Socialist Morris Hillquit and the Tammany Hall Democrat John F. Hylan, who won the election without taking a clear position on the War. (Mitchel barely beat Hillquit for second place.)

After failing to get re-elected, Mitchel joined the Signal Corps Army Air service. He died thirteen days short of his thirty-ninth birthday, in a training accident in Louisiana, on July 6, 1918. Mitchel fell out of his aircraft at 500 feet and plummeted to the ground, dying instantly. It was thought that he had forgotten to fasten his seat belt. (From Wikipedia)

Wow - what a way to go. A mayor of New York fell to his death from a plane.

I spent an hour or so in the park last night with the infrared flash. Photographed runners etc. but the most interesting subjects for night infrared (at least last night) were the statues, and architecture.  The buildings of New York are just so different at night with the IR flash.  More to come…