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Shadow, Orchard Beach - Color Infrared

19 August, 2008 (11:41)

shadow-orchard-beach-c-24191 Shadow, Orchard Beach - Color Infrared

One of the nice things about having a blog, I can go back and see how I fell into some phase and where it leads.  If you click on the digital infrared tag, you get to see the wobbly start with the A640, and all the tests with various white source settings; and me writing about how impossible it was to do this with the 40D (not true) and on and on.  The breakthrough for me, was the combination of using the DNG profiler to create “recipes” for various lighting sources and bringing back the data below 2000 Kelvin that was being cut out by both PS ACR and Lightroom.

From there it was some of the tools in Lightroom II.

I did try to use some of these same techniques to see if I could do color photography from a normal digital raw file, but I couldn’t.  It’s a little bit like finding a new cross-proccessing process in the old film days.  I think something like that happened to Meyerowitz when he did Cape Light.  A film that was meant to be color-balanced for tungsten gave him the look he wanted for his outdoor work.

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