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Bench in Field - Infrared

15 August, 2008 (16:52)

bench-in-field-ir-2 Bench in Field - Infrared

From my New Jersey outing.

I probably have enough shots of benches to do a small book. And they’re all empty. This bench is unusual (for you bench aficionados) since it only has the two back legs made of some corroding metal.

I can go back to 1993 when I shot the three benches at Atlantic City with the Rollei TLR. And I have pictures of myself on University Avenue - when I was a kid. There was a center strip that was filled with benches. We used to jump from one bench to another and see how far we could get without touching the sidewalk. I suppose that the things we shoot do go back (or maybe it’s just something that I’m forcing) to childhood memories.

Just received email from LifePixel. My converted camera has been shipped. I should receive it middle of next week. Can’t wait.

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