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Coat of Many Colors

10 August, 2008 (14:11)

coat-of-many-colors-1025 Coat of Many Colors

As long as I’m going back down the color path…  Park Avenue a few years ago.  One of the few times I used some fill flash for a street shot.  Panhandling is an art - (I know, I tried it myself many years ago) - and there’s a lot of competition.  So it helps if you’ve got a gimmick, or better yet, if you turn yourself into a work of art.  This shot wasn’t cheap.  He wanted $25 to take his picture and I gave it to him.

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Comment from peter
Time: August 10, 2008, 3:49 pm

George Clinton! I am happy that you are re-introducing some color shots to your site. I can appreciate your fascination with IR but I don’t really get it. In Eastern Europe where I now live and work, the poor often prostate themselves on the pavement. It’s quite dramatic, especially when it concerns the elderly. I can’t make myself photographing them…it’s just too painful.

Comment from Stephen BRAY
Time: August 12, 2008, 5:02 am

I think begging is an incredibly difficult profession because it engenders incredible hostility. The best pitch I ever saw was from a guy who specialized in hanging around conference venues at lunch time. He would home in on people’s name tags and accost them with their own name:

“Hey Dave, I was robbed this morning and I’m collecting some cash for my rail fair home.”


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