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Prices Go Up A Bit

6 August, 2008 (09:51)

I don’t know if anyone that reads this has been thinking of buying a print - but just a quick note that I’m really very busy with orders - and it always makes me want to try and raise the prices a little to see what happens. I’m always on the border-line of solvency - so maybe 20% or so (which if the orders stay at the same rate) would put me over the top.

Usually when I do this the orders slow down, but the net amount seems to be constant. Also, I know this is crazy but believe it or not, people start to buy prints for Christmas in September. So the whole curve lifts a lot around then.

Anyway - maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.


package-2636 Prices Go Up A Bit

Most of the changes I’ve made recently in term of offerings has worked out pretty well, i.e. no more 5 x 7’s, and offering everything without matting.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve just packed up the last order. It’s raining - so not real good for IR today. I think I’ll get Lightroom 2.x today and play with that.

On a non-related note: have I mentioned that I’ve printed several 24 (well 23) x 36 prints from the 40D without any artifact issues (through ProZoom). I am beginning to think that this 40D may be the last upgrade for a long while. These are from full-frame shots. Cropped, that’s another story. But right now it is hard to imagine what they’ll put in the 50D that will drive me to B&H. (Take this with a couple of grains of salt since so far my history of upgrading is a fairly straight line curve.)


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