Photography of New York by Dave Beckerman

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Month: August, 2008

the moment

31 August, 2008 (03:46) | 7 comments

quick-1329 the moment

These students are practicing the first lesson in the new Cartier-Bresson school.  The instructor (woman with clear plastic bag) begins with stationary objects such as paintings, and teaches the newbies how to capture the moment.  As all us street photogs know - the most important - indeed the only thing that’s important in photography is “the moment.”   Pressing the shutter at just the right moment is something that comes when the heart, the soul, and the finger are all in cosmic alignment.

photo-lesson-2-1368 the moment

In this example they are asked to take a vertical picture of a statue.  The teacher reminds them to only press the shutter when the moment is right.

photo-lesson-3-1188 the moment

This student shows the most promise.  You can learn a lot about street photography by studying his perfect form.  As you see, his arms form a triangle with the camera at the apex, and as we learn, this is the most sturdy form found in nature.  The teacher informs the students that this is why most modern tripods have three legs.

He reminds them that the first portable camera supports (duo-pods) had two legs but were prone to falling over.

Sabrett Stand

30 August, 2008 (23:39) | 1 comment

sabbrett-stand-1580 Sabrett Stand

That hour or two before dawn is magical.  The food stands are rolled into place.  Bound stacks of newspapers are tossed from the delivery trucks.  Bread sits in restaurant doorways.  In Times Square, there’s a cop on every corner - watching and waiting.  The city has just awakened and is getting dressed for another day.  After dressing, the city looks at itself in the mirror and finds that all sorts of junk have been spewed on the streets.  The sweepers arrive to brush away the former day’s refuse.

The transition from night to day is seen by the insomiacs, the night workers just finishing their shift, and the artists looking for inspiration.  A guy with the smell of liquor on his breath approaches me and asks if I want to take his picture.  My first reaction is, no thanks.  And surprised, he walks off a few paces.  He shrugs at me and says that he’s famous.  That he’s been written up in the New York Times. Read more…

Mary Poppins

30 August, 2008 (21:32) | No comments

mary-poppins-1639 Mary Poppins

42nd Street Library

30 August, 2008 (20:02) | No comments

public-library-42nd-ir-1747 42nd Street Library

public-library-42nd-ir2-1759 42nd Street Library

And now I think I caught a cold from going out at 4 in the morning in the pouring rain…  lucky thing was that I didn’t get electrocuted by the flash…

Rainy Breakfast

30 August, 2008 (11:19) | No comments

Shot in Times Square after downpour with infrared flash.  About 5 a.m.

rainy-breakfast-1656 Rainy Breakfast

Gallery of Infrared Images

29 August, 2008 (20:35) | 3 comments

As I look at the images they seem different than whatever I was doing before - but maybe that’s just my own imagination.  At any rate it’s kept me busy and happy.

VIEW INFRARED GALLERY (if you want to). I added some comments with the photos, but I sort of think they’re distracting.

In other news, I see that MyPublisher is now offering cards and calendars.  I’d better get started on these so I have them for Christmas.  It seems like there’s always one more thing to do - but I can’t complain - I’ve been able to do a lot of shooting the last few months.

Canon 50D Announced

29 August, 2008 (17:39) | 5 comments

Here’s the preview of the Canon 50D (pre-production).  Uh, I’ll take one.

You can already pre-order them on  (Amazon says they’ll have it Aug. 26th) but they don’t have it yet.

- New sensor (15.1 mp).  This gives you a 13 x 19 (approx.) inch print at 240 dpi without any interpolation.  (Uh, I’ll take one). Read more…

A Walk in the Park

29 August, 2008 (15:05) | No comments

walk-in-the-park-b A Walk in the Park

Central Park - behind Alice in Wonderland (you can just make it out, upper left corner).

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