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De La Vega

28 July, 2008 (10:20)

shish-kebab-vega1362b De La Vega

walking-dead-20551 De La Vega

becomeyourdream1 De La Vega

bacardi-dead-0004 De La Vega

Dead - This was right next to Become Your Dream.  I didn’t catch the signature in the shot so I can’t say it is his - but seems likely.

Become Your Dream on this wall around 105th street is the first one I shot. I think it was around 1999, but I’m not really sure. I could figure it out, since it was film, and I could go hunting for the sleeve that probably has the date on it.

delavegadream8354b De La Vega

I have a lot of De La Vega images. I thought I’d start and put them together into one post…


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