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Central Park Tunnel

10 July, 2008 (19:22)

central-park-tunnel-3 Central Park Tunnel

Still updating this blog with some of the old and new stuff. Oh, the looks I got when I pulled out the super high tripod contraption. I plan to go back to it soon.

20mm f2.8 lens on the cloud-scraper.

The best thing about the recent photo digressions is that they didn’t cost much.  The color trip lasted for a few weeks but was free.  And the cloud-scraper contraption was $2.85.  I did end up with the 70-300mm but that turned out to be a nice lens to keep in the bag, though the 30mm Sigma is still the walking around lens.

What did I learn from the color trip - I’m not exactly sure.  I sort of feel that if I were working in a studio with controled setup and lighting I would plunge into it again.  And there are about five shots where the emotional side of the colors did work for me.  But I didn’t crack the riddle - so to speak.

Recently, I thumbed through some National Geographic magazines trying to analyze the color shots - and came to the conclusion that I could do it if someone would like to send me to an exotic locale.  New York just seems b&w to me.  In fact - the only color shots that really felt right were done at night (i.e. high contrast stuff).  So okay - I did learn how to print color - which might be useful someday; and I did get further into some of the intricacies of Lightroom than I had before; but the color thing has me stumped.

Even when I experimented with color shots of paintings that I liked - I still thought they had more impact in b&w.  It might just be that after so many years of thinking in b&w - the color side of the cranium has gone to sleep.

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Comment from adam Bulharowski
Time: July 10, 2008, 8:35 pm

I am really pleased to hear that “he color side of the cranium has gone to sleep.” Your bw work is so exquisite that, at least IMO, you waste your time with color. Of course, that statement is coming from a basically bw kinda guy, and that is not to say that some things really need to be presented in color. I will never abandon color, for it does have its place.
Short story: some years ago my daughter, knowing my interest/admiration for St. Ansel, bought me a book of his work. Unfortunately for me, it was a book of his color work, which (again IMO) is pretty putrid. The man simply did NOT see in color. And I agree with you completely, NY is a bw kinda town.

Comment from admin
Time: July 10, 2008, 9:04 pm

I felt the same thing about the St. Ansel color prints that I saw. I was watching one of the old Andy Griffith shows tonight - done in color.

I remember as a kid that awful feeling of when a favorite b&w show suddenly went to color; just a horrible sort of thing. So that’s what that looks like. It all seemed very phony. But again - I imagine that some of that is a generational thing.

But yes - the color fever has passed for now. I expect it will come back again - it seems to pop up every few years.

Comment from Patrick
Time: July 12, 2008, 10:33 am

I think you did solve some of the color “riddles.” I just think you weren’t prepared to see the answers. That’s okay, it just isn’t the right time to see them and it may never be, but that is life.

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