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Sunday, May 29, 2005

This continues to be my favorite blog source for the Epson 4800:

What it sounds like, so far - is that bronzing (dark areas appearing bronze with gloss and semi-gloss paper) is practically gone, but that Gloss Differential (white areas reflecting differently since they don't have ink on them) is about the same as with previous printers... At least that's what I've gotten from it so far. For me, bronzing is far and away the greatest problem with the 2200 and non-matte paper. It can be (as mentioned a million times) partially solved with a couple of layers of protective spray; and then, after it is placed under glass - bronzing is gone. The real issue with the new printers, is: will you still need a RIP. And it also sounds like, not to remove color-shifts. Whether the profiles etc. you get for certain papers or the way the RIP puts ink down will be useful or not - still don't know.

RESPONSE FROM IMAGEPRINT to my question about the cost of upgrading if any from the 2200 to the 2400 (i.e. will I need a new license if I switch the one I have to the 2400 when it is available?)

We'll definitely be supporting the new Epson printers, including the 2400. My guess though is it will be a couple of months before a driver is ready--we're working on it now, but really have just started. The licensing will probably be the same for the new printers compared with their previous versions, so you're 2200 license should work fine. But, since the support for the new printers will likely be added when we're on our next version of Imageprint, users will probably have to upgrade to that version in order to work with the new printers (a "lite" maintenance contract and update is $150.00)."


I don't fully understand that last bit about the $150 maintenance contract though.

10:09:41 AM