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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"What do you find so interesting down there," the guy next to me asked. In fact, I was running into trouble wherever I shot tonight. A mafia type from out of the Sopranos rushed up to me at one point and wanted to know why I was taking pictures of his pizza place. I told him I was just shooting life on the corner and that I liked his pizza very much. "That's my pizza place," he continued. "I don't like anyone taking pictures of it." I already had what I wanted and thanked him for his wonderful pizza. He just walked off in a huff and went to talk with some other big guy on the corner. They both continued to stare at me as I sauntered off. I had one other incident when my camera was aimed at the Triborough Bridge. Another guy came up to me and asked what I was taking dem pictures of the bridge for. I won't go into it.

Maybe I'm becoming more suspicious looking. Maybe it's just like some herd that senses danger everywhere. In fact, the other day the pharmacy guy that I've known for a long time said, "You're dangerous, you know that."

I had the camera around my neck but wasn't taking pictures of the toothpaste I was buying.

"Why do you say that," I asked.

"Because you go around taking pictures of everything. You might catch us doin' somethin' bad."

I told him he was even more dangerous since he might give me the wrong prescription and he laughed. But maybe I've worn out my welcome in the city and should move up north.

Anyway - I was in a creative mood and got some good twilight shots. I'll post them later after I consult with my lawyer.

10:02:50 PM    

Added Google Search to the Prints For Sale Gallery.  Try typing in "Park" and see what happens.  Pretty cool.  The only thing is, it is dependent on when Google crawls the site so it won't always be up-to-date.  Still, not bad.  I also need to fix up the cosmetics of the search results page.  I could have that results page open in a second window.  Not sure if that's better or not.

5:04:24 PM    

Bus Stop Reflection
Grace Through Bus Stop Reflection

9:57:54 AM