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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Updated the Images from the Blog and added a few things that I didn't post to the blog.

6:29:24 PM    

Fire Escape Ball
Fire Escape Basketball, Bronx New York

Had an urge to go up to the Bronx this morning.  Found some kids playing "fire-escape basketball" and came back with this.  This was on a sidestreet near Fordham Road.  The kids were thrilled to be photographed (as opposed to everyone else in the city).  A lot of mugging for the camera at first, but eventually they forgot about me.

1:53:36 PM    

New OpenRAW Digital Preservation Site : OpenRaw.org

Good for them.

10:10:14 AM    

There's going to be a Professional Bull-Riding Competition this weekend at the Nassau Coliseum and I have this weird desire to go.  I have no idea why.  Could be some after-effect of seeing The Misfits too many times.  Probably this will pass but if it doesn't... it may be time to see my shrink again.  Hey, wait - I think I have a cowboy hat somewhere in the closet leftover from my days in film when I was called by the nickname: Tex.  That's true. 

And I've been doing a study for a few years on Jewish Cowboys.  There actually were at least three that I've found so far.  More later, I have prints to package.

9:13:20 AM