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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Behind Glass
Behind Glass

This is a shot I reworked from last week.
- Put through CS1 with additional saturation, some color correction (normal film curve).
- Power Retouche to Black and White (minor corrections)
- Then HP5 grain added
- One layer/level adjustment (pretty minor)
- Resized for web (bicubic smooth)
- Unsharp mask: Amount 100% / Radius 1.0 / Threshold 11
- Save for web as JPG (level 10)
This is basically the workflow for now - and unless you are dying for more - I promise not to mention it again.

9:52:41 PM    

Central Park, Man with Cigar
Man Between Two Trees, Central Park

7:38:48 PM    

One more digital discovery.  Happened by accident by last night I was viewing some of the old A75 shots in grayscale mode and I noticed they had more presence than most of the 20D shots.  I looked at them in color and realized they were really saturated compared to the 20D where I had saturation turned down.  I turned saturation up and I think the recent (today) 20D shots are greatly improved.  I had not been able to achieve the same effect with contrast or curve controls.

2:38:34 PM    

Central Park, Man with Cigar
Man Sitting Between Two Trees Smoking Cigar

Central Park, Man with Cigar
Man Taking a Picture

2:11:07 PM    

Press Room: Photoshop CS2 announced.

I haven't seen anything in the specs about changes to the web gallery generation which is what I've been looking for.  But it looks like a big improvement for RAW processing.

11:26:55 AM    

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