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Monday, March 28, 2005

Sewer In Rain

Nothing but rain today in NYC.

2:25:17 PM    

There was a lot of talk over the weekend about getting proxy's in case any of us wind up on life-support, of course prompted by the Schiavo case. All very serious. But later, when my sister and I were chatting about it, we came up with what to do if I go into a vegatative state (more vegatative than usual).

Assuming that I'm in the hospital and not at home with my own remote control, you hand me the flipper, if my thumb twitches, or better yet, selects a channel, then that is the sign that I do not want the plug pulled.

There are exceptions. If I do switch channels and I wind up staying on either the golf channel or the bass-fishing channel, then you can pull the plug. However, if I switch to any cartoon channel, any movie channel (premium or not) or any sports show - then I want to live!

Remote control coaching is okay in the hospital, since I have trouble figuring out how to use any new remote control. But it can't go on longer than 30 days.

We both agreed to this and are now going to put it into writing.

- - -

On the business front, I'm removing the notecards from the site.  I'll give some out as presents and include one when you order a print, but they are just not worth the trouble.  Which is to say, whether there are a lot of orders for them or not many - it just doesn't pay.  The other day, for example I get a check in the mail for 2 cards.  What is that, eight dollars?  Print them, drop the check in the bank, package and mail 'em.  Then last year I get an order for like 700 of them.  I'm stuck making cards for more than two weeks.  The amount of labor involved in making one 8 x 10 print is the same (more or less) as in making a notecard.  Anyway - that's how I'm feeling today and so I'm zapping them from the menu.  Maybe I'll put them back again around the holidays but you know there is another issue with notecards, and I understand this: they are usually an impulse buy, something you do at the last minute.  So-and-so has a birthday - quick run out and get a card.  It is just not something that most people are going to do over the web (unless you are talking e-mail cards which is another story).

9:22:17 AM