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Monday, March 21, 2005

New York Bus
"In A New York Minute"

10:11:30 PM    

Central Park Rink
Central Park Rink

One of the reasons to become a RAW fanatic is that: a) your skills change and b) the tools change.  I'm at a point where it is very easy to look through the myriad of captures with C1 in grayscale mode, and as if you are on a light table pluck the good from the bad.  This was done straight through C1 output to grayscale.  It is from ages ago in digital time (Dec. 29th 2004).

6:04:50 PM    

Take My Picture

1:54:59 PM    

This morning I began to get past all the fiddling with the camera (where is that button, why did it do that?); exposure tests; white balance tests; new software tests, and began to feel comfortable with the camera.  I liked the feel of the camera from the beginning but the exposures were driving me nuts until I decoupled the exposure from the focus.  And there were a couple of times over the past few days (how long has it been?) when I was searching for a button, often in the dark.  The only gripe I have: why don't they show the ISO on the top LCD screen?  C'mon - that is crazy.  Anyway, I shot through a 1 gig card at the reservoir with only a couple of botched shots.

1:30:39 PM    


1:22:39 PM    

I'm starting to give b&w digital photography lessons.  It's on an individual basis for several reasons:

1) I am not organized enough to get a bunch of people together at the same time, esp. photographers
2) I'm more comfortable doing this one-on-one
3) You can't fit more than 2 people in the apartment.

I will at some point put up a more formal description of what goes on but it seems to go like this:

I don't think that I can teach how to take a good picture since I don't know that myself, but I can take you through the technical black-and-white workflow from initial capture to final print.  I can even let you take one of my raw files (unprocessed) show you the final print I came up with and guide you through the intermediate steps.

The innards deal with IMAGEPrint, Some Photoshop Techniques if you need them (layering / blending layers), color management, exposure, RAW conversion etc.  Soup to nuts, depending on what you need.

The price is $50 an hour, which is about what a guitar lesson costs on the Upper East Side.  I've been doing this informally - and I'll put some more information up about it after I've gone through a few more students.

The requirements: you need to at least have the demo version of IMAGEPrint, Photoshop, a camera that can record RAW images, and a notebook to write all this stuff down in, or you can bring your laptop along.

It's funny how it began - because I was giving my neice guitar lessons and was enjoying it a lot.  Then I began, out of the blue, to get requests for digital lessons.  Let's see how it goes.

9:53:03 AM    

Barrett sent me this link about the new Epson R1800

Here's one review: photo-i

If you're interested, skip to the section of the review on monochrome and you'll see the same issues you have without using a RIP.

- - -

I bought the PhaseOne C1 software ($99 lite edition). There are a couple of things that sold me on it:

- it really works well processing in the background without hogging all the machine memory. I'm writing this now while it is generating previews etc. I have Photoshop open and can work in it at the same time as C1 is doing its thing.

- The grayscale viewing. Makes it very easy for me to see what is going to work and what isn't.

- The interface is great at saving screen space. Certain stuff sits on the side until you need it, or slides out from the side when you move the mouse over it and then goes back.

- It is just very easy to use, especially if you are applying your own custom white card settings etc. to a batch at a time. (Again, you can do the same thing in the Adobe Raw Converter but not as straight-foward).

- Naming conventions can be set (easily). Again (you can do this with batch processing in PS - I think).

I really can't comment on whether it does "the best" conversion out there - or even what that means. If you are a rich person and money means nothing to you - I would probably go for the Pro Edition for the simple reason that you can downsize files, and set it to output for different destinations at the same time, i.e. one for the web and one for print. With the lite edition you can do this, but not at one shot. And you cannot downsize the image, although you can crop.

Oh, that's it for now folks. I have a couple of print orders to package today, and then I hope to do some more shooting, or maybe just sit here and trash a bunch of raw files that have accumulated with all this testing.

8:58:28 AM    

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