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Friday, March 18, 2005

PhaseOne C1 : "The full report" (after one day with light version).

It is easier to use than Photoshop CS converter.  Much easier.  Especially for processing a lot files.  I don't think there is anything in it that you couldn't do (with more work) in PS CS (but I wouldn't swear to that).

The main difference between the "light version" and the "full version" is that you can't resize images in the light version.  There are also somewhat less things that you can do on a PC compared to a Mac.

Ease of use is not something to be dismissed lightly, either.  If you think there is something in it which is going to eliminate blown highlights - that doesn't exist and due to physics, can't exist.  If all your pixels are set to 255 in all the channels - then you are a goner.  Where it is much easier to use, for example, is when you want to select an area of gray to do a white balance adjustment on - it gives you some idea of whether you've chosen a good section to sample or not.  It's probably still a good idea to carry a white or gray card around (which I used to do).

It is easier to save various settings: levels, curves, color adjustments and apply them as you want to other images.  Batch processing is straight-foward.  It hasn't crashed my pc.  In fact, the only thing that got me confused was when they kept talking about the first step being to create a "session."  I couldn't find anything about a session anywhere on the menu and went to their site and discovered that it is called "a session" on a Mac but this is just a folder on a PC.

You still need a properly exposed negative.  I'll keep playing with it and see how useful it is and whether I find myself wanting to use it instead of PS.  So far, I do - but that could just be the novelty.  You get a 15 day trial for the light version.

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Deli, Night

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Pharmacy Checkout

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I downloaded PhaseOne C1 Raw converter (suggestion of Markus).  This thing looks great.  This is the (Light $99) version.  Whether I need the stuff in the full version or not - dunno yet.  I plan to spend today exploring it.  Certainly much easier to use for batch processing than CS, and seems to have a feel for my 20D.  I did more test shots this morning in various high contrast situations.  So far so good.  As I mentioned yesterday: set the exposure compensation to 1/3 or 1/2 under, and use the center-weighted mode to expose for the highlights.  I'm going to go back to some shots I did yesterday via CS and do them again in PhaseOne.

11:02:37 AM