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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Most Photographed Cat

I think I'm getting the hang of it: exposing for highlights and with exposure routinely turned down a half stop. This was a very contrasty shot with no PS magic other than running it through the b&w converter. Oh, and shot at 1600! This speed can definitely be used. I'd say it's somewhere between 400 and 800 on the 300D. And I'm at a point where it's pretty simply to remove noise if I want to with a gaussian blur, and fade gaussian / color blending.

10:58:09 PM    


8:29:09 PM    

Birds with Covered Metropolitan

The copters were flying really low today.  And in case you haven't been to the Met. recently, the facade has been covered - almost like a Christos project.

8:14:17 PM    

Cop with Gate

8:05:00 PM    

Now, this is interesting.  If you are shooting in RAW MODE, and you set the parameters to B&W - the playback image is b&w, but the actual RAW file is left untouched.  I didn't realize this from reading the reviews and it is something I'll want to play with.  Also, as far as high contrast stuff goes, I switched from 1/3 exposure increments to 1/2 increments, and with careful metering, 1/2 stop seems to do the trick.  If you are shooting jpgs - they are rendered as monochrome - and I can't see any purpose for that since a lot of post-processing is easier on the color file.

7:10:49 PM    

Angel with Skulls

I had a lot more trouble with blown highlights than I have had with the Rebel.   I was underexposing a lot by 1/3 or more and still seeing some clipped stuff.  I'm going to have to check a couple of things in the new camera.

5:28:06 PM    

Old Meets New

Old Meets New (II)

5:10:38 PM    

I'm not going to post test type pictures from the new camera, nor am I going to go through elaborate or any comparisons of pixels (there are millions of words expended on about this). What I will say is that no matter what you have read about a camera, you can't tell how the thing will work out for you until you shoot with it for a while. Everyone's style of shooting is different. I suspected, for example, that a couple of the Custom Functions on the 20D were going to be useful after reading the specs, but I didn't appreciate how much. The "quick dial" on the back, which is a nice nice, can be set to control focal points. And it can be done quickly. The extra focal points are also useful without getting in the way and you can even turn off the flashing lights if you want.

And as with previous Canon film cameras you can start autofocus with the "*" button on the back which gives it more of an old manual camera feel. The "mirror slap noise" on the streets of New York - not an issue.

But it gets back to advise I've often given to people - get the camera and make sure you can return it without a problem if it doesn't work out. Or rent it for a weekend. You simply can't tell how it is going to feel, and how you will take to it until you use it. (Did I say that already? I think I did. That's the only point of this post).

I'll do some shooting with it today at St. Pat's day. But as I say, I'm not going to post images for the sake of posting. I like the shot of the Pizza Guy very much. He's been wearing the mask while making pizza for the past week. Whether he has a cold, or is getting allergic to flour dust - I don't know.

9:31:22 AM