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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Thaw #2 (revised)

8:04:44 PM    

Three  Noses

2:45:39 PM    

Proper Attire (Photo)

When we have snow in New York, the hardy New Yorker dons this outfit to shop. 

1:56:11 PM    

Thank you all very much.
And the winners based on your comments and my own bias:

Steps of Met (4 votes)
City Clouds Sky (3)
Turnstiles (3)

While it might tempt someone to draw some conclusions about camera equipment from this list - I'm not so sure. I have been doing digital since Aug. of this year. Probably used the Leica and the Canon Elan for the longest duration (of cameras on this list).

Whispering Statues 1 Canon Elan
Turnstiles 3 Rolleiflex
City, Clouds, Sky 3 Leica M6
Tumbler 2 Digital Rebel
Steps of Met 4 Leica M6
Poet's Walk, Winter 2 Digital Rebel
Window Dresser 1 Digital Rebel
Night Storm 1 Toyo View Camera
Reservoir Blizzard 2 Digital Rebel
The Road Ahead 2 Leica M6 (?)
Oily Mermaids 1 Canon Elan
Promenade 1 Wista View Camera
Card Players 1 Leica M3

Dang. I need to pick three images to be included with the profile of me in Inked Magazine (this will be a hard copy edition published in March.)

I have no clue. The article is basically about how I got to wherever it is I am, the move to digital, and the use of the blog for connecting with an audience. So I thought - why not ask you.

I did run it by the cat, who has given me most of my advice, but after seeing the doggy picture yesterday, he's clammed up.

Here are a few I like, but any shot is fair game. If you want to pick three shots that are representative (and I would say would reproduce well in a magazine, and would drive collectors wild to get their hands on them) - suggestions are welcome. Or maybe it's just a shot you'd like to see in print. Otherwise I may just close my eyes and pick three from the list below. I sort of figured I should have one with people, one digital, and one early film shot - but that's about as far as I got and it ain't set in stone.

Tumbler (digital)

Snow Halo (digital)


The Road Ahead

Steps of Met

Secret Garden, Central Park (digital)

Reservoir in Snow, Central Park (digital)

Paris Wedding

Night Storm

City, Clouds, Sky

Exit Feet

Whispering Statues

10:43:58 AM