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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Curb on 83rd

If you want to watch this thing being built. I realized today that I was doing satellite photography of the curb and surroundings from about 3 feet. But it is fascinating because you can shoot different pieces at different times of day, different weather, and you alter the perspective. I was thinking that I would do the next section when it snows. I'll probably get bored with it before it's done. The top row is made up of about 8 shots.

6:05:08 PM    

Item 1: An official fedex drop-off center opened on the corner of my block. Fantastic.

Item 2: Finished sending out four orders. However, only one new order in the last few days. Okay, don't get greedy.

Item 3: I'm continuing to fool around with these - what shall I call them - variations, ripples, waves? Where you take several images of something, either along one plane, or around three dimensions - and then try and arrange them in the 2-dimensional space. Not exactly photography at this point - a little closer to interior design - but it is fascinating to me right now. Haven't made any prints from any yet since I don't consider them done.

Item 4: Did some more testing with the Epson Lustre and the Epson Semi-Gloss and I still like both the Ilford Pearl and the Ilford Smooth Glossy better. The latter seem to hold the blacks better and the paper feels heavier to me.

Item 5: As I was matting some of the recent prints this morning, I had to wonder if even I could tell whether this stuff was done in a darkroom with high-quality RC paper or on an inkjet. The answer is, I could tell by feeling the surface (the spray gives it away). But I'm not sure anymore if I can tell my looking, certainly not at normal viewing distance. This also assumes that I didn't give it any sort of tint with IMAGEPrint but did it neutral. In short, very happy with current results.

Item 6:  OH - AND SO WHAT DO YOU TECH-MASTERS RECOMMEND FOR BACKUP.  My current situation is this: I am doing a Win2K Utility Backup on an external hard drive; and keep one copy of all the digital stuff on DVDs.  But I'm thinking of upgrading, and wondering whether RAID - and which one - would be overkill?  Wouldn't the best of the best be some system with mirrored drives where you could just keep adding drives as you need them, and maybe an internal tape drive?  Or is this WAY too much money for me?  How much is too much?  Dunno.  $2000?  $2500?  And then $500 per year for an extra set of drives.  Is this in the ballpark or have I been reading too many DELL catalogues?

12:25:19 PM    

This is a serious request. I posted it once a while back and no responses. I called all my cub reporters but no one could bring back the story: WHY ARE THE BLUE STATES BLUE, and the RED STATES RED?

And at an even deeper level, do the RED AND BLUE STATES change color over time? If New York were by some stretch of the imagination to have gone for Bush in this last election, would it then be considered a RED STATE in the next presidential election?

These are two separate questions - the first has to do with why the color scheme? The second about what makes a red state red. Hey, at least I didn't ask why the sky was blue.

- - -

Josh posted this last time, but I must have missed it:


"Since the advent of color TV, there has been a formula to avoid charges of giving any party an advantage by painting it a 'better' color. Here is the formula: the color of the incumbent party alternates every 4 years."

4:41:06 AM