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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Snowball Fight, Central Park

They were having so much fun, they couldn't have been New Yorkers and as I drew closer, I heard distinct British accents.

7:31:05 PM    

Did seven different prints this morning, several of them new ones, at least digitally new. I am at a point now where most of them look at least as good, if not better, than the old darkroom versions.  And it really is printing on demand since I don't do any unless there is an order.  So that is one other little thing to throw into the whole labor material mix.   I'm getting ready to pick out my first victim for a big one (12 x 18).  Should I pick an old negative (those can go to that size without any problem); or try a 6 mp from the 300D.  Maybe a nice RAW one done on a tripod and all like this last Winter Promenade shot. 

5:29:48 PM    

Hard to believe how much trouble The Picture of Dorian Gray caused in its' day. If Oscar Wilde had lived today, he would have been on Hollywood Squares, and probably the center square at that. Or he might have been one of those guests that appear on the Regis show to discuss fashion. But to be sent to prison for seducing various young counts and dukes?

Certainly was a different time. If anything, he should have been sent to jail for excessive use of epigrams.

As far as the book goes, the Victorians were upset that Dorian Gray didn't suffer enough at the end. But he didn't come to a good end, having stabbed the picture and so killing himself. And he was mostly miserable.

Another fascinating aspect of this notorious book is that you are never quite sure what evil Dorian did. It is almost a blank slate for you to project your own sins onto. Dorian owned some expensive widgets which he liked to finger. He did smoke Opium, but not to excess.

The first bad thing he does, is simply to wish that he wouldn't get old. Who hasn't wished that?

Then he falls in love with a young actress, but falls out of love with her when are acting turns bad. Again, who hasn't that happened to?

He is honest with the actress and tells her that once her art went downhill, he fell out of love with her. This causes her to kill herself.

So the thing that sets him down the path of sin, is that he is disillusioned by an artist. And this is really at the heart of the book. Art for art's sake. A thing can be beautiful and without purpose of any kind. And that if you worship beautiful things, you will have a beautiful soul.

Turns out to be a superficial and dumb idea that doesn't work out too well for Dorian or his indolent friends. But you have to worship something. It's something that is genetically built in to us mortals. And it seems to be between suffering and pleasure. So Wilde and his ilk go for pleasure. But, of course, be careful what you wish for as you may get it - in spades.

- - -

Today is printing day.  I have a stack of orders to at least get printed so that they can dry overnight and then get sprayed tomorrow.  I noticed one thing about the 2200, it is better if I can change several cartridges at a time since the charging process when you put in one cartridge does seem to drain ink from the other cartridges, i.e. the less number of times you go through the cart changing the better.  That is a hunch, not confirmed.

9:21:19 AM    

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