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Monday, December 27, 2004

Poets Walk, Central Park

Poet's Walk, Central Park - Winter

When you come to New York, and you go shopping for a picture of Poet's Walk, this is pretty much the one you'll see all over the city, but especially outside the Metropolitan Museum. Nevertheless, a beautiful thing, though seen often, is still beautiful. This is looking south, towards 59th street. Odd, but when there is snow, it usually sticks to the north side of the trees.

The reason it's called Poet's Walk - there are statues, large bronze-cast statues of some poets down the south side.  I've tried, over the years to do pictures of them, but the style of the statuary is boring and lifeless.

Central Park, Towers

Tree & Towers
We finally had a snow in New York and it got me out of bed nice and early. I've shot this willow tree a million times during the summer, but today it finally had the right mood against the frozen pond. This was shot with the 24mm, closed down on a tripod. Mirror-lock and all that. One thing - the 300D seems to be able to function in the cold quite well - at least as well as I can. I had it out on the tripod, not buried in my coat most of the morning - and it never complained. I was ready to get home before it was.

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