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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Just some first impressions:

Downloaded FireFox.  Noticed a couple of different page rendering differences.  No saying which is right, though in my experience IE tends to be more lenient.

- The rule under the thumbnails isn't rendering the same, i.e. if the thumb title is greater than one line, the rule is drawing across the second line of text. 

- Also, one of the tables on the home page renders differently

- Images that aren't cached, render a little bit more slowly

- A row in the blog page that doesn't show up at all (at the top) with IE, does show up with FireFox.

Anyway, all minor stuff that where no two browsers ever work the same with even the simplest table.

8:16:46 PM    

Christmas Eve day, the heat went out.  Signs were posted around the building to call 311.  I thought it was just somebody not turning on the boiler downstairs but turned out the boiler was busted.  So I had my super north-face sleeping bag which is good for temperatures down to -30F (at least that's what it said on the brochure that came with it) and I had my trusty space-heater, and I'm usually okay in the cold - at least when I was pre-5th decade in age...

Even Buddy has been hopping downstairs and either curling up in front of the space-heater, or on the edge of the bed to be near the space heater.  The space heater has a fan which circulates the heat, and which rattles. 

But since I had stopped smoking (day 64 was yesterday) - my lungs were in good shape, and there was very little coughing.  I remember last year having a sort of croup from the cold air at Christmas and that is gone now.  And, to tell you the truth, that was one of the main reasons I gave up smoking - the cold air in the apartment around Christmas was making me cough (not to mention the cold air outside).  So the lungs seem to be on the way back, and that's a good incentive to stay clean. 

I do miss having some sort of addiction though.  Doesn't seem proper for an artist not to have any addictions.  In fact, I've even taken to zen meditation about two or three weeks ago.  How am I going to do zen meditation and keep up a crusty, pissed-off attitude which I am assuming is the best part of living an artist-type life.

So, I'll keep up the Zen - though that might be the addiction itself - though can it be an addiction if it is all about not being attached to anything.  That's a tough one.

About thirty years ago, I smoked some opium while I was at SUNY at Buffalo.  I remember thinking that that would be a good addiction for my later years.  What I remember thinking, was that opium was good because you could sort of direct your own movies in your head; and since I'm missing the t.v., I might substitute watching t.v. with Zen, opium and... okay - this is mostly tongue in cheek - but tongue is now frozen to cheek - so I'd better quit while I'm ahead.

5:04:33 PM