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Saturday, December 25, 2004

As I approach two months without television, I'm starting to have second thoughts:

Christmas Eve began, as it often does, with the heat going off, and then the water going off.  By about 10 p.m. last night, the house was cold, and dry, and I went hunting around for the space heater I bought last year.  Found it.  Hooked it up.  Found the sleeping bag.  Crawled in and turned on the radio, which for some reason was tuned to 1010 WINS (all news, all the time; you give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world.)

I blame 1010 WINS.  Between news of murders and fires they reported that Nicole Kidman was going to star as Samantha, in the movie Bewitched.   Now, normally, if I had seen this on t.v., I would have just switched the station and watched another episode of Law and Order.  But there were no distractions, and it was cold, and I began to try and picture Nicole as Samantha and what the story could be about and even more importantly - who would play the supporting characters, and whether Nicole could twinkle, or is it crinkle her nose, or whether that would be done with computers...  You can see, it was some kind of Christmas overload.

Who would play Larry Tate (Darrin's swarmy Ad. Boss).  You know who would be great - Robert DeNiro with that white wavy hair.  It would be the low-point of his career and a wonder to watch.

And for Endora, the over-the-hill witch's mom: can Elizabeth Taylor still work?  She wouldn't have to do much.  Just sit on a blue screen and make cutting remarks about Darrin.  And there is a precedent of great dames playing Endora as the previous Endora was Kanes mom in Citizen Kane.  Or how about Shirley MacClaine.  Would she do it?  Sort of be funny given her backstory.

Then I got stuck on Dr. Bombay.  Would the Dr. even be in the story.  Well, if he was Robin Williams would be perfect.

And the perfect Darrin - only actor that came to mind was Adam Sandler.

So, there I am, shivering and going through the casting of Bewitched, and I'm thinking - this is a new low.  I had better go out as soon as there is a sale and get a t.v.   I hear that they are going to be making a movie of Bonanza, and I don't want to spend a sleepless night, probably New Years Eve, casting that one.  Who would you get to play Hoss?

11:42:37 AM