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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Subway Photographers

Prior to Anti-Photography on Subway Protest

I forced these guys together the way you would your relatives at Thanksgiving... c'mon, squeeze together and crouch down... yup, that's it.  I think this would make a good cover for a band... After this, they headed into Grand Central - and after that with a bunch of other photographer protesters over to the Times Square Shuttle. 

Now there weren't really enough signs to cause much disruption - but there was one guard who was walking around muttering, "I can't believe these guys."  And about five minutes later, he walked by again, muttering - "I can't believe these guys."

I believe them.

8:14:46 PM    

Harpist in Subway

Harpist, Times Square Shuttle

You don't see too many harp players in the subway these days.  She was there along with a companion who was singing Christmas tunes.  This was taken during the anti-ban-subway-pictures demonstration.  As is usual with me, I went to try and take some interesting pictures of the demonstration - and ended up with a lot of pictures of this harp player.

Christmas in Subway

Christmas by Times Square Shuttle

7:08:09 PM    

I got about ten different prints done and shipped in the last two days.  That is a record, and I could never have done that in the darkroom days.  I suppose that instead of knocking Christmas, I should be giving thanks for it, because there just isn't any other time of year that people buy presents for each other like this time.

Where I am missing out is with the two major components of salesmanship: sex appeal, and snob appeal.  I do have access to some sexy women and I may have to ask one of them to pose with one of my fine art prints.  That takes care of the sex appeal, but snob appeal?  Man, I don't know... and anyway, I want to get over to Grand Central and see how this photo-ban protest is going.

- - -

It is true, that about 2 a.m. in the morning I woke up and finished off the spraying of two prints on the fire-escape.  I didn't actually go outside on the scape, but reached through the half-open window.  The grids that I bought a while back for selling stuff on the street turn out to be excellent for putting prints on for spraying.

Just a bit more about this, then I'll let it go.  The difference between the Lumijet Spray and the other two mentioned below, is that the Lumijet gives it a sort of smooth coating.  The other two sprays give it a rough feel, sort of like the look of a semi-gloss like Ilford Pearl.  With the Lumijet, you are still getting a real gloss look, and the bronzing is gone - well - almost.  If you hold certain prints up to the light and twist them around you can pick up a small amount of bronzing.  Under glass - probably not. 

I'm giving the prints at least two coats.  Sometimes three.  Nuff said.

12:37:23 PM    

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