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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A while back, I was asked by someone in the midwest to photograph a couple of places in NYC that had special meaning to him and his family.  I promptly forgot about it.  This was in the day when I was shooting film and printing in the darkroom and it didn't seem feasible.  But this fellow, asked me again a few months later, and now it began to make some sense - shooting and printing digital. 

So I have begun to photograph spots of interest to him and his family, which is how the 21 Club ended up in the new photographs.  We'll see how it goes, but one thing I realize, is that New York City is so big, and so old, that it really has special places for everyone.

Everyone has a different view of NYC.  And many people have left and are living among the cornfields.  So I was wondering whether there could be a new business called: Your New York.  You assign me.  You tell me what you want photographed.  And there is some sort of package, like a wedding package and you end up with prints in an album or prints for the wall or both.

Your New York.  Not all that different from what I did with the Bronx project, although I never put that into any coherent order.

I don't have time to give it much thought now, I have some matting to do... but remind me to get back to it.  Or as Thomas Wolfe put it: Only the Dead Know Brooklyn. 

10:38:44 AM